Things in Scots #1: Coorie

Last month I said I was going to do some posts in Scots. Admittedly, I did…but then I caught the flu, and most of my plans went out the window. So, with Jez’s (husband man) Animals in Scots series at an end and the fact that I missed out, we decided to join forces and collaborate on a month-long series: Things in Scots. Yep, we were super imaginative yesterday.

For my first post, I’m going to share a word that’s been in my head the whole time I’ve been flu-y: Coorie.


Coorie (or coorie in—depending on where you live) means to snuggle, wrap up. It’s a word I’ve heard all my life, always when I’ve had the cold or the flu. 

Whanivver Ah wiz smorin wi’ the caul, ma maw wid aye say, “Guan coorie doon on the sofa.”

Thenks fur stoapin by an hae a wunnerfu day. (Mind an gie Jez’s post a keek.)

In Inglis: Whenever I had a horrible cold, my mum would always say, “Get yourself wrapped up on the sofa.” (What she specifically meant when she said coorie was: grab the duvet off the bed and snuggle under it on the sofa.)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day. (Remember to check out Jez’s post.)

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