Things in Scots #19: Clype

Welcome to day nineteen of Things in Scots!—a fun collaboration with my husband, Jez (Mind an gie Jez’s post a keek.)

Today’s word is used in playgrounds throughout Scotland. But, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to use by children. Though, when adults also use it in the playground sense, it can come across as petty and juvenile.

Today’s Things in Scots is: Clype.

Clype (also clipe, claip, and clep) has several different meanings, but we’ll only cover one type here: telling. To clype is to tell on someone, to tell tales about someone. It also means to report, to inform, to relate something. And finally, it means a bit of gossip, a lie. For more definitions of clype, check out the Dictionar o the Scots Leid.

Here’s an example of clype in use:

Aye, awa an clype tae yer mammy!

In Inglis: Go away and tell your mother!

If you want to ken the Scots for anything, just ask in the comments section.

Thenks fur stoapin by, and hae a wunnerfu day.

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