#Scotstober Day 11 #Bourach

Today’s word is bourach. Bourach means heap, crowd; muddle, confusion, mess.

Here’s my response to today’s prompt (another wee snippet taken from Running The Asset):

Elle stappit throu the entry an jeelt. The hoosie wis malafoostert. Faem an stuffin skailt fae screeds in the sofa an muckle chairs. Papers plowt fae the offish intae the living room leavin a skirvin o papers lik confetti ower the flair. The offish neuk in the faur cunyie wis disnanuled.

A wechtie ba o dreid heft laich in hir wame. Rosa cuidnae hae been hame, she wuid hae focht thaim. But, hoo cuid Elle ken in is bourach?

And now in English.

Elle stepped through the door and froze. The apartment was trashed. Foam and stuffing spilt from slashes in the sofa and armchairs. Papers cascaded from the office into the living room leaving a coating of papers like confetti over the floor. The office nook in the far corner was obliterated.

A heavy ball of dread settled low in her belly. Rosa couldn’t have been home, she would have fought them. Except, how could Elle know in this mess?

This is a more word-for-word translation than the previous one.

7 responses to “#Scotstober Day 11 #Bourach”

  1. OK that was way beyond my reading in any way sensible or made sense once I hit “jeelt. The hoosie wis malafoostert. Faem an stuffin skailt fae screeds in the sofa an muckle ” although I did get hoosie 🙂

    • Hi Brian! Thanks for the comment.
      Some of the difficulty came from me and Grammarly in the English translation section.

      First there were some fragments from an earlier translation that I ditched, but forgot to delete, and in the newer version I tried to capture the essence and flow of what the Scots says, then Grammarly came in and “helped” it flow better in English.

      But, I’ve now changed the translation to a more word-for-word translation as much as I could.

      Hopefully, it’s a bit easier to understand. 🤞👍

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