We’re often asked what we’re doing now, what we’re working on etc. and social media isn’t always the right fit for some updates. A now page is a great place to share those semi-regular updates. (Check out Derek Sivers’s site for more on the /now page movement.)


  • I’m working on the final stage of iterative outlining for my first romantic suspense novel, Working the Asset (Deniable Unit #1).
  • I’m still posting to Genre Scribes, but on a fortnightly basis while I’m outlining and writing Working the Asset. Genre Scribes is a writing challenge open to all fiction writers (no matter your skill level).

Editing Work

For the foreseeable future, I’ve suspended my editing services to concentrate on my writing. 


  • Anne Stuart’s Ice Series (though book 6 seems to have been removed from my account by Amazon 😡)
  • H. R. D’Costa’s Sparkling Story Drafts


  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Chuck
  • Taken
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine


  • Things haven’t changed all that much for us during the lockdown. I work from home, and Jez is a key worker, out at work most days–though his hours have increased.
  • I’m obsessing hard (more than usual) over tiny houses and canal boat living.
  • Oh, and I’m counting down the seconds until I can play Halo again on our first Xbox since 2016.

/now page last updated: 23rd May 2020

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