The Carmichaels Series

The Carmichaels is an 18+ erotic BDSM novelette series. Married couple Brent and Lillian delve into their fantasies of domination and submission while dealing with the personal demons that their exploration unearths.

Hidden Desires

His Dominance. Her submission. Sensuous Pleasure. Erotic pain.

S & M had always been at the heart of Lillian and Brent’s sex life. Had being the operative word.

Ever Craving

Brent Carmichael is no stranger to the joys of bondage and erotic pain, but when his sexy wife asked him to be her Dom, he faltered. Nothing would make him happier than giving Lil the D/s dynamic she craves, but venturing down the path of domination and submission brings Brent face-to-face with his oldest personal demons. 


The Deniable Unit Series

This spy-based romantic suspense series hits international locales in search of deadly justice. Scottish heroes butt heads with an international cast of heroines. If you love enemies-to-lovers, spies with filthy mouths, and hot sex, then keep your eyes peeled for the series to drop. Better yet, sign up to the newsletter to find out before anyone else–and maybe a wee discount code or two!

Running the Asset

Elle McGuire’s carefully duct-taped life is torn apart when Adam Dekker, a gorgeous but overbearing spy, holds her at gunpoint, spinning a crazy tale that her teddy bear of boss is Europe’s biggest weapons dealer. 

Worse still, the man insists that Elle’s going to help him take her boss down, whether she likes it or not. Confident that Dekker is insane, Elle tries to put the incident behind her… but something in his story sows the seeds of doubt about her boss’s innocence—that and the two attempts on her life in the space of an hour.

Bulletproof Heart

To save the only family she has left, a fiercely independent florist must team up with a guilt-ridden spy to find her estranged father before a Consortium agent can exact his revenge.

Ward’s story!

To Kill For

To safeguard those she helped “disappear,” a hitwoman must work with her latest target–the DU agent who broke her heart–to discover who is trying to kill her before they succeed and gain access to her “victim” files.

Leigh’s story!

Out in the Cold

Getting shot out of the sky was not how Amy expected her first paid piloting gig would go. Then again, she hadn’t considered that Kelvin, her selfish jerk of a client, was a spy on the run. After crash landing on a snowcapped mountain, Amy must work with the spy to make it down the mountain and deliver critical intel before the men in pursuit succeed in killing the pair.

Kelvin and Amy’s story!, pub-9446438291097940, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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