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  • #Scotstober Day 7 #Skoosh

    #Scotstober Day 7 #Skoosh

    Advertisements Today’s word is skoosh, and it’s a braw one. So braw, that it’s featured on the site before. Skoosh was part of our (mine and Jez’s) Things in Scots series. And just to jog your memories, here’s a wee recap of what it means: to spray, to gush. It’s also a word for fizzy […]

  • #Scotstober Day 6 #Dreep

    #Scotstober Day 6 #Dreep

    Advertisements Today’s word is dreep, and it’s one of my favourites. Dreep means to drip, to ease yourself down or over a wall to the ground, slowly. Every time I hear it, I smile and think of my granda and how, when questioned by my mum about scuffs on his new shoes, he swore that […]

  • #Scotstober Day 5 #Eldritch

    Advertisements Today’s word is a new one to me; it’s eldritch. It means to of or like elves or faeries, weird or unearthly. Today’s response is inspired by my Village post. The moment I saw the meaning of the word, that old scene jumped into my head. Here it is: Theo wantit tae spik tae […]

  • #Scotstober Day 4 #Shoogle

    Advertisements Today’s word is shoogle. It means to shake, sway, jiggle. This isn’t the first time the word shoogle has appeared on my site. I used it in a Genre Scribes piece called Program, and seeing as I’d used it before, I thought why the hell don’t I do the whole bit in Scots. Here […]

  • #Scotstober Day 3 #Nicht

    Advertisements Today’s word is nicht. It means night. I was a wee bit short of time today and ended up stealing from Running The Asset‘s first draft. Anyway, here’s my response to the prompt: “Five meenits intae the op an she ort the script. She’s nae got ony upbring tae dae whit she did the […]

  • #Scotstober Day 2 #Seelie

    Advertisements Today’s word is seelie. It means happy, lucky, blessed. And, here’s my response to the prompt: “Dae ye huv tae staun sae close?” Evie skelt awa fae Cole, the eesome bastirt. Cole wis gowlie. “Jist mak on thit ye dinnae wint tae fell me. Hit’s nae at defeeckwalt,” he luikit it hir, “A’m daen […]

  • It’s #Scotstober

    Advertisements Back in 2019, I started a series of posts called Thing in Scots. The series has languished for a while, and I’ve been wanting to get it up and running again. Cue Scotstober. Scotstober is a challenge on Twitter where there’s a Scots word prompt for each day of October. You can follow it […]

  • Chasing Dreams

    Advertisements It’s the final day of D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge. I want to say a quick thank you to her for sharing her challenge with us. It’s been fun getting back into daily posting, and it’s been this challenge that’s pushed me to get the posts out. Here’s today’s prompt: Write about something […]

  • What Are You Grateful For?

    Advertisements It’s day six of D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge, and the prompt is: What are you most grateful for in life? Obviously, Jez. But, outwith my beloved and all his awesomeness, it’s a bit difficult to answer.

  • Email to a Friend

    Advertisements I’m going to deviate a bit from D65’s prompt for Day 5 of her 7 Posts 7 Days.The prompt is: Write a letter to someone explaining your life right now. It’s an excellent prompt, but I don’t have anyone I feel I need to explain my life to. Also, if it’s pertinent in my […]

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