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  • Crawling Out From Under My Rock aka An Update Post

    Crawling Out From Under My Rock aka An Update Post

    Advertisements It’s about time I did a writing update. I got out of the habit of doing updates, and I suppose the time away made it a wee bit daunting. But here I am, braving the blank blog page. A while back, I decided I needed a break from pre-editing Working the Asset (Deniable Unit […]

  • Writing Update and A wee bit about Genre Scribes

    Advertisements Hi all! This week has been a hard slog…to no real progress. Well, none that moves the percentage bar. I’ve come across a few issues with my scenes in the form of wishy-washy scene goals. Up until this week it wasn’t noticeable. That was until I started working on the Character pass. It would […]

  • Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #51 — Torch

    Caleb whipped his head around, panic in his eyes. “I can’t make her talk if she doesn’t know anything.” Sébastien smiled. “I can make her talk.” Caleb backed away, relief radiating off his muscular frame. Sébastien pulled up a swivel chair and parked it opposite Emma. “We both know you’re lying, and we both know that physical threats mean nothing to you. So, let’s play a game of who’s more important to you than Kelvin Maxwell.”

  • Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #50 — Banquet

    The truth was he didn’t know if anything was wrong. His instincts had let him down ever since he’d gone undercover in the Consortium. Sébastien’s duplicity had gone undetected by Kelvin’s notoriously infallible instincts for more than a year. “Probably nothing.”

  • Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #49 — Paper

    He checked his weapon over and didn’t fail to notice Amy was packing a Barreta. His Amy really was capable. Though, she wasn’t his anything. She was a distraction from his mission. A temptation to walk away from it.

  • Genre Scribes #48 — Path

    Harvey pulled the cover back across but paused before closing her into the darkness once more. “You did good.”

  • Genre Scribes #47 — Title

    Harvey looped his arms under Kelvin’s. “Take a leg each, and be ready, he’s going to be a dead weight.” Amy shot him a look. “He’s still breathing.” “Not if you don’t hurry up,” Harvey muttered.

  • Genre Scribes #46 — Eagle

    “Oh, yeah, great adventure. I love having my plane shot down, getting chased halfway down a frozen mountain, and being terrified most of the time.”

  • Advertisements Hi all! Our internet went on a major go slow, like slow-slow. I spent the better part of today getting it back up to speed, and thankfully it’s running smoothly now. Yay! On the non-yay front, I’ve run out of time in my workday and haven’t had the time to work on this week’s […]

  • Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #45 — Partner

    A five-year-old could tell by the unnatural angle of Nick’s head that his neck was broken. “I can see that. Tell me something that isn’t painfully obvious.”

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