Maximise Your Writing Time with this NaNoWriMo Canva Template!


NaNoWriMo is upon us, and every second counts when you’re trying to reach that 50,000-word goal. I know the challenges writers face, wanting to spend their time actually writing. That’s why I’ve created these NaNoWriMo Canva Templates for sharing on Instagram. They’re designed to streamline your social updates and give you back precious writing time.

Disclosure: This post contains links to spreadsheet products in my Etsy shop.

Instantly Crafted Posts for More Writing Time:

Every moment you save on social media design is a moment you can invest in your novel. My templates offer:

  • Immediate Access: Dive into the templates the moment you purchase them.
  • Pre-Filled Daily Trackers: All you need to do is add your word count for the day.

Effortless Customisation:

These templates are ready to use and designed for straightforward edits in Canva. Personalise them to match your style without the hassle of creating a design from scratch.

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