Author Journal 20th – 26th January 2022


Happy Wednesday! I hope this weeks journal entry finds you well.

I was struggling to come up with this intro paragraph. You know it’s supposed to give an idea of the overall tone of the post, with a wee hint at how things went. And it’s the how things went part that got me. I’ve been so focused on the job that I couldn’t even tell you off the top of my head what I got done.

Luckily, I’ve got my journals and planner to give me a bit of a clue…

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Author Journal 13th – 19th January 2022


Last week I set out on the scary task of cementing (read: pulling hair out and glueing it back) the outline of Running the Asset after many mid-write changes.

Here’s how it went…

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Author Journal 16th December 2021 – 12th January 2022


It’s my first journal entry of 2022, and the first since…jeez, the 8th December last year. So, what’s that? Wow, four weeks to catch you up on.

Don’t worry; I have no intense desire to go into immense detail about what I got up to.

Strap in; this is going to be fast.

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Author Journal 9th – 15th December 2021


Happy Wednesday! This week’s post is powered by coffee, chocolate, and a severe lack of sleep. Oh, and an over-excited writer who finally collated all of her notes with Happy Planner discs and hole punch!

All my notes and my scene blocking sheets incl. blanks

Let’s jump right into the review.

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Author Journal 2nd – 8th December 2021


It’s a new month and the start of a new writing week–if you’re a weirdo like me and a new week starts on a Thursday. So, yay, happy weirdo new week, everyone!

Let’s jump right into the review.

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Author Journal 25th November – 2nd December 2021


Well, my wee holiday’s over. And, I had a fun and highly productive time away from the writing. The productive part (and the fun part) comes from getting my first ever Happy Planner planners… there’s a better way to phrase this, but saying planner planners is too much fun. So, I spent a lot of my time setting up said planners (journal, daily planner, financial planner, and fitness planner) and transferring my old info over to them.

My new Happy Planners! Sooo pretty!

Don’t worry, we made time to get out on the bikes, and I even managed to catch a squaddie tan in November.

Now that I’m all nice and refreshed, it’s time to get the head back down and the writing done. And that thought brings me nicely onto…

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 3000 words (taking me to 72,358)
  • Block out the next two scenes

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by, and take care.


Author Journal 11th – 17th November 2021


It’s been slow going this past week. Unfortunately, pain flare-ups can take a long time to get over, and this last one–with its additional mini ones on top–has been particularly douchey.

Okay, whining over, and back to the update.

I hit a difficult patch in the writing, namely a scene between Adam (hero) and Blackwell (the baddy). Up until this scene, Elle (heroine) had always been there as a buffer. But, Blackwell had sent her off to do a thing that I can’t share–spoilers–and it was just the guys in a Japanese restaurant in Marseille.

Eventually, I got a feel for their dynamic and was able to get the scene down. But, man, was it tough. For the entire scene, all Adam wants to do is slit Blackwell’s throat for him, and though it’s entertaining for a bit, it wasn’t helping the scene to move along.

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Author Journal 28th October – 10th November 2021


Phew! Last month was a wee bit of a bugger. I overextended myself a bit with Scotstober and my writing aims. Unfortunately, I always have to pay for going overboard–in the form of a CRPS flare-up. Hence the lack of an update last week and the lateness of this one.

The flare-up is still in full swing (it’s a dick like that), but having taken a few days off from everything, I feel okay enough to make a start at getting back to it.

So, onto the MEGA REVIEW… it’s okay, there’s not too much blah, blah, blah.

My Writing Goals for 21st – 27th October 2021

  • Write 3000 words for Running The Asset. (Hit 59,753 total words)
  • Block out the next two scenes

How Did I Do?

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