Things in Scots: Running the Asset Edition – Mibbe


Hiya! I thought I’d open this week’s post with a huge thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the stick the heid oan post. You’ve saved my future readers a big headache (😂 ) in figuring out what it means. There are a couple of ways to deal with it, either I mention the word headbutt close to the phrase, or I just remove it. I’m leaving it for future Susan to deal with 😉.

This week’s word is an everyday word in Scots, as is its translation into English. Oh, and it’s pronounced mih-bey.

[I don’t tend to add a set-up for these scenes, but when I read this wee snippet back, I realised I had no clue where they were. Adam and Elle (and Dani–Elle’s sister who is offscreen) are in a restaurant in Marseille, France–the bulk of the book is set there.]

Here’s the snippet… (unedited first draft)

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