Author Journal 31st March – 6th April 2022


Like all good things, holidays must come to an end. On the one hand, I’m a bit bummed that I don’t get to have a long lie until 0530, but on the other, I’m really excited to get back to my work routine.

I mentioned in a post last week about the importance of taking time off that I had what I’m now calling a Chimp Day… Well, that one day turned into almost a week of downtime–the polar opposite of last time 🎉

I stayed offline, only briefly jumping on to ensure that my scheduled posts went out. But we chilled out for the rest of the time, went for a longish cycle that ended with a picnic, and caught a bit of sun.

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Author Journal 24th – 30th March 2022


Guess who’s on holiday, finally? Yip, that’s me with the huge grin and a list of movies to watch–when I’m not out on the bike with Jez. Like most people, the last week of work before you’re on holiday is a hard slog. And, man, did I feel it.

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Author Journal 17th – 23rd March 2022


What a week! The last seven days have just flown by. I can’t believe it’s time for another journal entry already.

I upped my writing goal to 4,000 words last week without really looking at what scenes were coming up.

Writing in Adam’s or Elle’s point of view (POV) is easy enough for me to slip into. I can happily go from one to the other and back again without too much mental prep.

But, the next scene wasn’t in either of their POVs; it was in my bad guy, Trevor Blackwell’s. To write Trevor, I have to do a fair bit of mental prep to really get into his skin. Add to that that I haven’t written in his POV since the end of last year. Yip, I started to doubt my 4K word goal right out of the gate.

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Author Journal 10th – 16th March 2022


I’ve been counting down the days for the last month or so. Chomping at the bit to get back to the actual writing of Running the Asset. Well, that time finally came last week. That’s also around the time a wee bit of fear slipped in, tainting my excitement.

Getting back into writing fiction after a break can be a scary thing. It’s like riding a bike after a long time, I suppose. But, not in the analogous way of how you never forget how to do it.

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Author Journal 3rd – 9th March 2022


Happy March, Everyone! I’ve been counting down the days for the new month to begin. I know; I’m getting over-excited and neglecting to say why. Let me start by saying I had one hell of a week working on Running the Asset.

One reason for my excitement is that my first interview went live yesterday on Marsha Ingrao’s site, I had a lot of fun answering her questions. If you want to learn more about me, take a keek at my interview.

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Author Journal 24th February – 2nd March 2022


I’m back from my holiday and raring to get back to work on Running the Asset!
Well, holiday is a wee bit of a stretch. I had a total of three days from
what was supposed to be nine days off.

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Author Journal 17th – 23rd February 2022


Things were a bit touch and go for most of the week. I had a dental thing that caused immense pain, which my CRPS does not like. That’s putting it mildly; the trauma from the procedure triggered a significant flare-up to the point it spread to my left hand and my feet. Though it’s still lingering, I managed to get some excellent work in for Running the Asset. Let’s dive straight in!

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