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  • Word Count Update 7th April

    Advertisements I hadn’t expected to have a high word count today. There was an issue outwith writing that needed my attention. Ah, the joys of writing at home 😜 So, I yoinked an extra hour of writing time this afternoon–and a flagon of coffee (what’s the volume of a flagon?). Anyway, Running the Asset‘s manuscript […]

  • Plans Aren’t Set in Stone — But Goals Should Be

    Advertisements It’s Friday, and I’d usually be posting a “What I’m Reading” post, but I’m putting that on hold this week. I’m still reading the books from last week and didn’t want to post the same thing twice. This post is inspired by not posting my Reading post. Before 2022 started, I made a commitment […]

  • #Scotstober Day 11 #Bourach

    Advertisements Today’s word is bourach. Bourach means heap, crowd; muddle, confusion, mess. Here’s my response to today’s prompt (another wee snippet taken from Running The Asset): Elle stappit throu the entry an jeelt. The hoosie wis malafoostert. Faem an stuffin skailt fae screeds in the sofa an muckle chairs. Papers plowt fae the offish intae […]

  • #Scotstober Day 10 #Sprauchle

    Advertisements Today’s word is sprauchle. Sprauchle is such a descriptive word. It means to move with difficulty; struggle; clamber; to move in a hasty, clumsy manner. Here’s my response to today’s prompt (another wee snippet taken from Running The Asset): There wis nae mistakin the hairdness o the gun brizzt howe intae hir side. “Gin […]

  • #Scotstober Day 9 #Kail

    Advertisements Today’s word is kail. Kail is a word I don’t use much. It means cabbage. But, it also means soup and broth. And, because cabbage was used so much in Scottish meals, it is also a word for dinner/tea/whatever you call your main meal. A’m sairie fir there nae beein ony say in the […]

  • #Scotstober Day 8 #Dreich

    Advertisements Today’s word is dreich. Dreich is a great word, it means so many things. In weather in means dull, generally crappy weather. It also means dull, bleak, boring, uninteresting, lacking normal intelligence slow to repay debts, depressed. And, it means long-drawn-out, tedious, slow–kind of like this definition section 😉. You get the picture. Here’s […]

  • #Scotstober Day 7 #Skoosh

    Advertisements Today’s word is skoosh, and it’s a braw one. So braw, that it’s featured on the site before. Skoosh was part of our (mine and Jez’s) Things in Scots series. And just to jog your memories, here’s a wee recap of what it means: to spray, to gush. It’s also a word for fizzy […]

  • #Scotstober Day 6 #Dreep

    Advertisements Today’s word is dreep, and it’s one of my favourites. Dreep means to drip, to ease yourself down or over a wall to the ground, slowly. Every time I hear it, I smile and think of my granda and how, when questioned by my mum about scuffs on his new shoes, he swore that […]

  • #Scotstober Day 5 #Eldritch

    Advertisements Today’s word is a new one to me; it’s eldritch. It means to of or like elves or faeries, weird or unearthly. Today’s response is inspired by my Village post. The moment I saw the meaning of the word, that old scene jumped into my head. Here it is: Theo wantit tae spik tae […]

  • #Scotstober Day 4 #Shoogle

    Advertisements Today’s word is shoogle. It means to shake, sway, jiggle. This isn’t the first time the word shoogle has appeared on my site. I used it in a Genre Scribes piece called Program, and seeing as I’d used it before, I thought why the hell don’t I do the whole bit in Scots. Here […]

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