Refilling the Creative Well


In my last post, I’d mentioned that I’d be spending the rest of the week refilling my creative well. One of the things that do it for me is fun music videos.

Now, don’t go thinking I like pop. I don’t. I can’t stand it. I love metal, rock, and some folk-rock. Never pop. But… J-pop group WORLD ORDER is a different matter. These guys make me smile and laugh and have the ability to turn a not so great day into a smiler.

Check out their video for the Shibuya version of Have A Nice Day. At only five seconds over two minutes long, I can’t think of a faster way to swing the day around.


WARNING: You may get sucked into watching all of their amazing videos.

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  1. That’s definitely got a feel good factor! Have a nice (rest of the) day, Susan 🙂

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