Author Journal 21st – 27th October 2021

I’m starting to have a love/hate relationship with this month. On one hand I’m doing better than I’d aimed for–writing and near-daily posts with Scotstober, and on the other I’m constantly chasing my tail on getting it all done, and trying to keep up with my normal tasks. But, I made the decision to pile on the extra pressure, so that’s enough whinging about it.

Review 14th – 20th October 2021

My Writing Goals for Last Week

  • Write 3000 words for Running The Asset. (Hit 51,391 total words)
  • Block out the next two scenes

How Did I Do?

I had another highly productive week last week. I added another 4,218 words, taking the manuscript to a word count of 56,754. Plus, I even managed to deal with the blocking out of three scenes by condensing them into one turbo-charged scene. On top of all that, I beat my writing goal for the month! So it’s a bit of a happy dance week ๐Ÿ˜

This Week’s Goal

  • Write 3000 words (taking me to 59,753)
  • Block out the next two scenes

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by, and take care.


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