Hidden Desires (The Carmichaels #1)

His Dominance. Her submission. Sensuous Pleasure. Erotic pain.

S & M had always been at the heart of Lillian and Brent’s sex life. HAD being the operative word. The flogger is no longer in use, vanilla-esque sex managed to sneak its way in, and Lillian finds herself having to rely on her oldest fantasy to get off. A fantasy she knows must stay hidden, especially from Brent. No matter how much she wants it to be a reality; it’s not going to happen. It’s going to stay buried under the years of guilt and shame attached to it. Risking her marriage for some hot, kinky, sex isn’t worth it. When her new client commissions Lillian to build a BDSM website, she struggles to keep her desire for Brent’s dominance hidden in the shadows. It gnaws at her, refusing to stay buried any longer.

This title is no longer available.

Check out Ever Craving, Book #2.

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