Deniable Unit Series

Deniable Unit Series

It takes a certain moral flexibility to make it as an operative in the off-books Deniable Unit (DU).

Genre(s): Romantic Suspense; Romantic Action Adventure

Warning: The guys and girls of the Deniable Unit never run from action, and neither do their books.

  • Highly trained spies taking down bad guys: Check.
  • Sizzling-hot sex scenes: Check.
  • Occasional cursing: F*ck yeah.

Working the Asset (Book 1)

To prevent top-secret military intelligence from falling into the wrong hands, a by-the-book diplomat must work with a “creative” spy to steal the drive containing the sensitive information before her boss, the ambassador, can sell it to the highest bidder.

Progress — 23rd July 2020

Stage 3 of Iterative Outlining: Editorial Pass 4/7 (Delight) — progress

Stage 2 of Iterative Outlining: progress

Stage 1 of Iterative Outlining: progress

Bulletproof Heart (Book 2)

To save the only family she has left, a fiercely-independent florist must team up with a guilt-ridden spy to find her estranged father before a Consortium agent can exact his revenge.


Stage 1 Outlining: progress

Stage 2 Outlining: progress

To Kill For (Book 3)

To safeguard those she helped “disappear,” a hitwoman must work with her latest target–the DU agent who broke her heart–to discover who is trying to kill her before they succeed, and gain access to her “victim” files.


Stage 1 Outlining: progress

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