Works in Progress

I’m currently working on outlining a romantic suspense series. I use H. R. D’Costa’s three-stage iterative outlining method, hence the mention of outline stages in the progress bar below.

Deniable Unit Series

It takes a certain moral flexibility to make it as an operative in the off-books Deniable Unit (DU). The DU’s sole purpose is to eliminate the deadly, conglomeration known as the Consortium.

Each book follows a DU operative as they hunt down powerful Consortium members around the world.

Book 2 (DU2)

After learning that her estranged father, a Deniable Unit Commander, has gone missing, a prickly florist teams up with a guilt-ridden spy to find her father before enemy agents capture them all.


Stage 2 of Iterative Outlining: 67% (Sun 6 October)

Book 1 (DU1)

To prevent top-military intelligence from falling into the wrong hands, a naïve diplomatic aide must risk it all by working with a world-weary spy to take down her corrupt boss, and the man who plans on using the intel for his own gain.


Stage 2 of Iterative Outlining: 100% (Wed 28 August)