Also going to flying my—hopefully not too creased—bi pride flag on #auobbannockburn march tomorrow #bipride #indyref2

Saltire out to dry. Getting ready for #auobbannockburn tomorrow #indyref2

Still in the testing stages with So far it’s working (apps not so much) but very clunky–mostly down to not having a ton of time to sink into setting it up in one go. I’ll keep tinkering away ’til I get it right. #indieweb

I think I’ve finally got my blog all linked up to … 🤞


Bisexual and Proud Pride 2018


#pride #bipride #notaphase

Using the WordPress App as a Feed Reader


Yesterday I posted about a book release I didn’t know was on its way. I also mentioned that I’m lazy and get blog updates via email–but there doesn’t seem to be an email subscription option on that blog.

This morning, I thought I’d take some time to acquaint myself with the app. That I’ve been with WP for eight years and am only now taking the time to do this speaks volumes about my laziness. (In my defense I exclusively used wp-admin during those years.)

If you’re in the same newbie boat as me, here’s a little tip (MacOS and iOS) to use WP app as a feed reader: Continue readingUsing the WordPress App as a Feed Reader

ICYMI: New Anne Stuart Release!

Anne Stuart has a new Rohan book coming out tomorrow!

Yesterday I got one of the many Amazon emails about books I might like. Most of the offerings in the sales lists are outwith my preferred genres, and I was about to delete the email without reading it. But because it had Anne Stuart‘s name in the subject line, I opened it.

I assumed it was going to be a reminder of the few books I hadn’t bought from her backlist–yet. Whoa, was I in for a surprise. This email was a new release announcement. A pre-order for my one-click-take-my-money-favorite-author. It gets better: it’s the fifth book in the House of Rohan series!!!  Continue readingICYMI: New Anne Stuart Release!

Sunday Quote 13th May 2018


A little reminder to be a wee bit nicer to ourselves and others.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama

AUOB Glasgow 2018


Can’t imagine marching with anyone better than my very own EnglishScot4Yes Jez #marchforindy

All Under One Banner Glasgow 2018


Ready for the off! #auobglasgow #marchforindy The place is packed 🤩🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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