Remembrance Sunday: A Quiet Reflection

Hi Guys,

Today is Remembrance Sunday. A day marked by many with ceremonies and poppies, with moments of silence and solemn speeches. A day of collective memory and respect observed with the best intentions. But for many veterans like myself, remembrance isn’t confined to a single day—it’s a part of who we are, woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

We carry the weight of loss, the physical and mental scars of service, and the quiet hope that our sacrifices will not be forgotten or in vain. For me, remembrance is a solitary reflection. It’s a personal journey that doesn’t end when the parades disperse and the bugle’s echo fades.

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🌟 Celebrating Wee Victories: A Five-Star Review! 🌟

Hello, dear readers and fellow writers,

I’m so ecstatic that I had to stick my head out of the editing pit to share some delightful news with you!

As many of you know, I recently shared a post about my NaNoWriMo Writer Instagram Canva Template Pack on my Etsy store.

These templates were a labour of love, designed to make every writer’s NaNoWriMo journey a bit more interactive and visually appealing.

And guess what? I received my very first five-star review! 🎉 Here’s what that satisfied writer had to say:

“Loved these – they were easy to customize. Perfect.”

Amy on Etsy

Receiving such positive feedback fills my heart with joy. It’s affirming to know that the hours spent designing each template are making a difference in fellow writers’ journeys.

To everyone who has supported, purchased, or even just sent good vibes my way – THANK YOU. Your belief in my work pushes me to create and innovate.

If you haven’t checked out the shop yet and are curious, dive in and explore! And for those who’ve been using them, I’d love to see your customized posts and hear about your NaNoWriMo progress.

Right, it’s time for me to get back down to the editing!

Until next time,


From Independence March to Media Detox: September Snippets

Way back at the start of September, I ventured into Edinburgh with my wonderful husband, Jez. We’d gone in for the march for Scottish Independence and an independent Scotland to join the EU.

View over Princes Street Gardens toward Scott Monument
View over Princes Street Gardens toward Scott Monument
Jez, all ready for the occasion!

The plan was to post while we were there, but as ideas go, that wasn’t my best. I’ve done numerous marches for Indy and know that after we get going, there’s nothing more I can do than snap a few photies, or else I’m going to trip over something.

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Taking a Walk

I’m still working on finalising Action Step 6 (the big re-do on the outline) for Running the Asset. It’s almost done, but I decided to get out for a wee walk to noodle through some plot points.

So, here’s a photo from my walk. (Trying to get a bit artistic with my iPhone camera 😁)

Thanks to Brian for inspiring me to take more notice on my outings!

Author Journal: Navigating Writing Challenges, Unexpected Twists, and Empowering Progress

10th-16th August 2023

Hiya there!

I hope this post finds you well and ready to conquer a new week. It’s time to grab your beverage of choice and get comfy while I regale you with another tale of the ups and down of my writing journey.

That Time Thing

There weren’t enough hours in the day for me last week. Time seemed to slip through my fingers, and before I knew it, I was racing against the clock to complete Action Step 6 (AS6) for Acts One and Two A of Running the Asset. You know how it goes – sometimes the days blend, and deadlines sneak up on you faster than anticipated.

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Self-Editing After Burnout

Getting restarted a year after burning out and a bit of legal/mental health shit isn’t as straightforward as I’d fantasised it would be. I’d anticipated some teething troubles in the shape of trying to force my arse into the chair and staying focused on self-editing. But, I hadn’t seen the real issue that got buried under the burnout.

Mistakes Were Made

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A Return, a Revelation, and a Renewed Commitment

Do you ever write a blog post or email, delete it, then write it again, and delete it ad nauseam? If you’re anything like me with this post, you get it. I’ve been writing and rewriting this ‘return to the blog’ post for the past two months, yet I’ve never shared a single version.

So, here goes…

At the start of 2023, I wrote a “return” post after recovering from a major burnout. I’m hitting refresh and sharing a new ‘return’ post! Why? Well, the first one was missing one key detail. I didn’t leave it out by choice. It was a requirement in Scots Law.

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