Things in Scots #1: Coorie


Last month I said I was going to do some posts in Scots. Admittedly, I did…but then I caught the flu, and most of my plans went out the window. So, with Jez’s (husband man) Animals in Scots series at an end and the fact that I missed out, we decided to join forces and collaborate on a month-long series: Things in Scots. Yep, we were super imaginative yesterday.

For my first post, I’m going to share a word that’s been in my head the whole time I’ve been flu-y: Coorie.

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The Scots words craig and hause mean neck in English. And, the word neck in Scots owersets (translates) to (1) collar of a shirt/coat and (2) throat, gullet in English.


(Scots) Ah wisnae able tae post yestreen acause Ah wis eydent wi ma scrievin.
(Inglis) I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I was working hard writing.


For my first microblogvember post, I’m going to mix it with my series of Scots posts.
Stay in Scots, sometimes spelt stey, means live (in a place), dwell, stay, stop.
“Ah stay in Glesca.” (I live in Glasgow.)


(In Scots)
A wis jist sittin doon tae hae ma breakfast wi a bit o YouTube craftin vids an seen is wunnerfae ad fur kindness oan St Andrew’s Day.

Inglis Owersettin (English Translation)

I was just sitting down to have my breakfast with a bit of YouTube crafting vids and saw this wonderful ad for kindness on St Andrew’s Day.

Gat a Shewin Machine — Got a Sewing Machine


A wee post in Scots

Ower e last twa-three month, Ah’ve been barkin an fleein oan e eBay wabstaid. Dinnae fash, Ah’m fendie an bocht athin saicant-handit.

The day, Ah gat aroon tae yuisin ma new-tae-iz shewin machine. Ah goat it fur wanworth £20 plus P&P. Whit e bairgin!

Noo, time tae git a wheen claes mendit.

Inglis owersettin ablow (English translation below).

Over the last few months, I’ve been spending extravagantly on eBay. Don’t worry, I’m thrifty and got everything second-hand.

Today, I got around to using my new-to-me sewing machine. I got it for the bargain price of £20 plus postage and packaging. What a bargain!

Now, it’s time to mend some clothes.

Posting in Scots


A few months ago, I used the Scots word shoogle in one of the Genre Fiction challenge posts. In that post, I quickly explained that it’s sometimes challenging to go from thinking in Scots (one of Scotland’s three indigenous languages—the others being Scottish English and Gaelic) to putting those thoughts onto the page in English. Well, Scottish English for me.

Since that time, I’ve been making a real effort to up my knowledge of my mither tongue—reading books on its history, grammar, and taking an OpenLearn course on the language. It may sound odd that as an adult, I have to learn how to write in my ain leid, and you’d be right. We were never taught Scots at school. Now, I’m not going to whine about how Scots was actively discouraged by teachers and others in authority. That’s just how it was when I was growing up—fortunately, it’s a bit different now. Instead, I’m going to embrace my growing knowledge and share the occasional post in Scots (with English translation).

I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of months now but was a bit wary because, well, grammar. But, if I wait until I’ve got it all perfect in my head, I’ll never get around to it. As it’s November—St. Andrews Day is on the 30th—I’m going to suck it up, accept that I’ll make mistakes, and just go for it now.

I’m not the only one posting in Scots; check out my wonderful husband’s blog for a wheen o animals and beasties in Scots. Behold the grumphie.

One note: My Scots is a mix of Central and Doric dialects. I was brought up by a Central speaking mother and a Doric speaking father. I also went to school in both regions. Therefore, I mix both dialects in my speech and writings.

Ah aim to post something short in Scots a couple of times a week. Dinna fash, the English translation will be at the end of each post. Thanks for reading. Click through to my first post in Scots.

Hae a guid day!


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