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  • Author Journal 23rd – 29th June 2022

    Author Journal 23rd – 29th June 2022

    Advertisements Hiya 👋 I had hoped to share a decent leap in my progress this week, but alas, that was not to be.

  • Author Journal 16th – 22nd June 2022

    Advertisements Hiya 👋 It was only a matter of time before I hit a roadblock with editing. Mainly because editing is a mammoth task, and like with any job this big, it’s inevitable to stumble along the way. And stumble I did.

  • Author Journal 9th – 15th June 2022

    Advertisements Hiya 👋 Last week I shared that I set up a timetable to help me focus on my edits. I also mentioned that I’d probably not stick to it. My prediction was correct, but not to the extent I’d internally feared. Yay! The timetable I set up is a fantasy. The fact I actually […]

  • Author Journal 2nd – 8th June 2022

    Advertisements Hiya! Last week taught me a couple of things. First, editing for myself requires so much more discipline than when I did it for clients 😬. And second, I need to take a serious look at my daily work schedule.

  • Author Journal 26th May – 1st June 2022

    Advertisements Where did the time go? The last two weeks have flown by, and my holiday is over. We had a wonderfully relaxing time as we celebrated our anniversaries. Chilling out at home, watching movies and playing original Halo on co-op! (Thank you for all your warm wishes for us both 💖) With that much-needed […]

  • Author Journal 12th – 25th May 2022

    Advertisements This week’s entry covers the next two weeks, which can only mean that I’m taking a break and plan to do sod all during that time (other than catch up on your comments 💖 and some blog and book reading 🎉 ). Last week was my first one away from writing the actual story. […]

  • Author Journal 5th – 11th May 2022

    Advertisements Wow. Wow. Wow. What a week last week turned out to be; I’m still reeling from it. I’ve got this weird detached feeling about it. It’s like this crazy combo of it was a year ago and that it was someone else’s experience. Basically, forgive the lack of detail about what occurred last week.

  • Word Count Update 1st May

    Advertisements I can’t believe I’m finally able to say this, but it’s done! Running the Asset‘s manuscript is finished at 140,069 words! And, collapse! 🤣

  • Word Count Update 30th April

    Advertisements Another two scenes down, and the last two to go! It was difficult concentrating on the writing today–deliveries and setting up our new internet… and all the WiFi devices crying because they can’t get online. But we now have superfast broadband! Today’s new words takes Running the Asset‘s manuscript to 137,560 words! Have a […]

  • Word Count Update 29th April

    Advertisements I’ve just finished writing the climax for the external plot! Another two and a half scenes in the bag. I cut the first scene for tomorrow in half to create two scenes to up the dramatic irony for the reader. Come on, who doesn’t love shouting at book characters when they don’t know something […]

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