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  • Word Count Update 28th April

    Advertisements Man, I had a hard time getting going this morning. If there was even the slightest thing that could distract me, I was on it. Case in point: I found a roll of skinny washi tape under my chair and had to use it to put a nice wee accent on my keyboard tray. […]

  • Author Journal 28th April – 4th May 2022

    Advertisements Have you ever set yourself a huge goal and then instantly regretted it? Yep, same here. With the goal I’d set myself last week, I was starting to have some serious doubts halfway through the first morning of the week.

  • Word Count Update 25th April

    Advertisements That’s the first half of Act III done! I’m taking the next two days off, and I’ll try my hardest to not run around the house clapping and giggling like an absolute eejit. But, I think that ship has already sailed. Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 130,577 words!

  • Word Count Update 24th April

    Advertisements I had so much fun writing today. I wish I could say what was fun about it, but… spoilers… let’s just say, Adam can be one scary bastard–and funny with it. As of now, Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 128,040 words!

  • Word Count Update 23rd April

    Advertisements Trying to write when you’ve not had a decent night’s sleep in (counts fingers… socks off time) let’s go with a wee while is bloody murder. Luckily, dangling the carrot of our upcoming time off seems to be enough to get me doing the job. I’m about a fifth to a quarter of the […]

  • Word Count Update 22nd April

    Advertisements It was another long day. But it was a fun session filled with lots of action. And, I just finished writing Act 2B! As of tomorrow, that’s me onto the final Act and getting ever closer to writing The End 🥳 Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 123,317 words.

  • Word Count Update 21st April

    Advertisements Super quick update. I decided to try using my wee dictaphone to get my writing done today–to then run through my transcription software. BUT… I can’t dictate without seeing the words on the screen. The story was there, but the writing felt cold and clinical. The moment I saw the transcribed text (which took […]

  • Author Journal 21st – 27th April 2022

    Advertisements Last week took me by surprise. I set out with a sensible plan of attack for my writing goal. Nice and easy; just spread the word count across the four days, and there’d be no need for another crazy Sunday. No need to hit 2K words in a day. But, like all plans, they […]

  • Word Count Update 18th April

    Advertisements It might be Monday, but this is my Friday in my tapsalteerie (Scots word meaning topsy-turvy) world. I don’t tend to write on the last day of the week, but I’m nearing the end of Act 2B, and the shit is really starting to hit the fan! Today I added a further 1,682 words! […]

  • Word Count Update 17th April

    Advertisements 😳 Today is my first (and possibly last) +3K-word day ever! I was led to believe there was cake when this happened… Where is it? Gie’s ma cake! 🍰 🤣 Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 116,827 words.

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