#Scotstober Day 5 #Eldritch


Today’s word is a new one to me; it’s eldritch. It means to of or like elves or faeries, weird or unearthly. Today’s response is inspired by my Village post. The moment I saw the meaning of the word, that old scene jumped into my head. Here it is:

Theo wantit tae spik tae heez C.O., Jack, aboot the ithers oan thur bield detail. Alane. Thir wis sumhin aff, bit he cuidnae pit heez finger oan whit it wis. He got tae Jack’s tent, bit hit wis empie. Theo luikit aboot him; naebdy wis aboot, the camp wis quietlik. Bit doon the month, there wis a unco, eldritch glowe.

As he follaed the roadie doon tae the wee toon ablow, the soonds o skraichin stappit him deid. Than the pop pop pop o gunfire hud him aff agin. He spruntit tae the backie o a hoose, keekit aroon an jeelt. Jack wis staunin there wi heez wappin pintit it ane o the veelagers they wur sint tae protecke—the ithers aready deid it Jack’s feet. Tooch. The veelager drappit tae the grun. Jack turnt tae ane o heez men. “Get Theo dalt wi.”

And now in English.

Theo needed to talk with his C.O., Jack, about the other on their protection detail. Alone. There was something off, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He reached Jack’s tent, but it was empty. Theo looked about him; there was no one around, the camp was silent. But, down the mountain, there was a strange, otherworldly glow.

As he followed the path down to the small town below, the sounds of screaming stopped him dead. Then the pop pop pop of gunfire had him off again. He sprinted to the back of a house, peeked around and froze. Jack was standing there with his weapon pointed at one of the villagers they were sent to protect—the others already dead at Jack’s feet. Bang. The villager dropped to the ground. Jack turned to one of his men. “Deal with Theo.”

#Scotstober Day 4 #Shoogle


Today’s word is shoogle. It means to shake, sway, jiggle. This isn’t the first time the word shoogle has appeared on my site. I used it in a Genre Scribes piece called Program, and seeing as I’d used it before, I thought why the hell don’t I do the whole bit in Scots. Here it is:

Martin preeset Enter oan the keyboard an waitit.


The screen bid as black as the Earl o Hell’s waistcoat, nae nithin tae beir thit the program wis aiven rinnin.

Is wisnae the time fur a seestem feck oop. Aathing wis timed doon tae the let saicont; gin hit didnae conform tae the ploy, he micht as weel aet a bullit richt noo.

The lichts oan the seestem server unit glentit reids an oranges.


He rax oot an gied the external drive a shoogle. The lichts chynged tae green. Martin slid doon the wa an pecht.

A ongae bar ootcomed oan the screen, echty-seeven percent deen. He chackit heez watch; time wis rinnin oot fest—the gaird’s yokin chynge wis gey near ower.

The door-check it the en o the passage graint. Martin jeelt. The gaird wis airlie. Martin harlt oot the gun he hid doon heez breeks. Whit why did he brockt a gun? He wisnae graitht tae uise hit. He wisnae a murtherer—weel, nae by chice.

And now in English.

Martin pressed Enter on the keyboard and waited.


The screen remained pitch black, nothing to signify that the program was even running. 

This was not the time for a system fuck up. Everything was timed down to the last second; if it didn’t run according to the plan, he might as well eat a bullet right now.

The lights on the server unit flashed reds and oranges.


He reached up and shook the external drive the man had given him side-to-side. The lights changed to flickering green. Martin slumped against the wall and blew out a breath.

A progress bar appeared on the screen, eighty-seven percent done. He checked his watch; time was running out fast—the guard’s shift change was almost over.

The door at the end of the corridor groaned. Martin froze. The guard was early. Martin pulled out the gun he had tucked into his waistband. Why the hell did he bring a gun? He wasn’t prepared to use it. He wasn’t a killer—well, not by choice.

#Scotstober Day 3 #Nicht


Today’s word is nicht. It means night. I was a wee bit short of time today and ended up stealing from Running The Asset‘s first draft. Anyway, here’s my response to the prompt:

“Five meenits intae the op an she ort the script. She’s nae got ony upbring tae dae whit she did the nicht. Gin ye hidnea makit thit ca, A’m gey sicker we’d be harlin hir oot the Mediterranean.” Ward shakit heez heid.

Adam didnae hae time fur is. “She did whit hid tae be duin.”

“Thit’s whit A’m feart o. Let time thit didnae pan oot tae weel fur ye.”

Adam’s chaft tichtent.

“Dinnae bither wae the coongerin luik, ye ken A’m richt.” He smirked, “An ye ken fine weel, A’ll boot yer erse fur ye.”

“Ay, richt sae ye wull.” 

And now in English.

“Five minutes into the op and she ditched the script. She’s got no training to do what she did tonight. If you hadn’t made that call, I’m pretty sure we’d be fishing her out of the Mediterranean.” Ward shook his head.

Adam didn’t have time for this. “She did what had to be done.”

“That’s what I’m worried about. Last time that didn’t pan out too well for you.”

Adam’s jaw clenched.

“Don’t bother with the intimidation look, you know I’m right.” He smiled,“And you know well enough that I’ll kick your arse.”

“Yes, sure you can.”

Word Count 20th August 2021


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

Another super-quick update on the writing for Running The Asset.

It’s been a great day for it! I added another 1248 words, taking the manuscript to a new total of 31,355 words. 🥳

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe.

Word Count 19th August 2021


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

Just a quick word count update for Running The Asset.

I promised myself that I’d put 110% in today, and that’s exactly what I did. I added 1,100 words taking the manuscript to a total of 30,107 words.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe.

Word Count 4th August 2021


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

The final sequence of Act I for Running The Asset is still underway. BUT, it’s almost done; Adam and Elle are almost back on solid ground. Characters can be a right pain in the arse when you force them to play with their fears. I foresee this will be a lot shorter when editing time comes around.

Here are today’s numbers: I added 735 words, taking the manuscript to a total of 23,654 words.

I’ll probably get the sequence finished sometime over the next few days–I’m off tomorrow and Friday, but I know this will bug me until it’s done.

Now, I’m off to grab some Irn Bru and settle in to watch The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (I love being able to rent new movies instead of going to the pictures 🤩)

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe.

Word Count 3rd August 2021


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

I’m still working on the final sequence for Act I in Running The Asset. It’s an emotionally difficult section, and they’re stuck on a ledge three floors up, and Elle is scared of heights… . And the fire I mentioned yesterday is now a raging inferno–Adam has a fear of fire. So, it’s been fun trying to get them back on solid ground and safe-ish.

On to today’s update: I added 728 words, taking the manuscript to a total of 22,919 words.

My writing plan for tomorrow is to finish Act I, block out the first scene of Act II(a) and get cracking on the writing of that.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe.

Word Count 2nd August 2021


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

I’ve had a major case of the too-wiped-outs-to-post the word counts. Again. Not today, well, I’m wiped, but I hate not doing what I said I would. (Guess who used up all her word and sense for the day?)

Here’s another multi-day update.

Thursday 29th July

I added another 1189 words. New total: 19025.

Saturday 31st July

I blocked out another scene and added 793 words, taking the manuscript (MS) to 19819 words.

Sunday 1st August

I had a fun writing session on Sunday. Adam and Elle are really pissing each other off. Sqeeee! Another 1310 words were added. The MS is at a total of 21129 words.

Monday 2nd August

I blocked out the final sequence of Act I this morning. Happy dance! Things are really heating up now–literally and figuratively (there’s a building fire and everything).

I didn’t manage to finish writing Act I today, but I did add another 1062 words to Running The Asset‘s MS, taking it to a total of 22191 words! I’ve written a quarter of the story 🥳

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! (I’ll be back with an update tomorrow.) Stay safe.

Word Count 27th July 2021 (and the last few days I missed)


Running The Asset

Word Count Update

It’s a quadruple update today.

After waiting almost twenty-one weeks for my second COVID jag, I finally got it on Friday. The long wait was down to having had an anaphylactic reaction to the first one (AstraZeneca), so the second one (Pfizer) had to be administered in an allergy ward. Fortunately, it went well with no allergic reactions.

Friday 23rd July

I was so freaked out and focused on the jag that I barely got any writing done. I managed a grand total of 172 words written. Freaked out might be a wee bit of an understatement.

Sunday 25th July

I was still in a lot of pain. The jag combined with CRPS just made it nigh on impossible to think straight. I added 10 new words.

Monday 26th July

The pain started to ease a bit. But, I felt disconnected from the story. I spent most of Monday re-reading what I’d written and blocking out the next scene.

Tuesday 27th July

Today was my first day of feeling more like myself. The excessive pain is still there, but I’m now able to think clearly. Well, as clearly as I ever get 🤪

I finished blocking out the scene from yesterday, then blocked out the remaining scenes for Act I.

I added another 1055 words to Running The Asset‘s manuscript, taking it to a total of 17,837 words!

That’s it for today. I’m going to put my feet up and enjoy a nice quiet picture with Jez. John Wick 3 sounds good to me.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe., pub-9446438291097940, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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