Things in Scots: Running the Asset Edition – Stick the Heid Oan

I swithered over posting this one or not, mainly because of the length of the post’s title. Ultimately, I decided to share this because it’s one of those phrases that I don’t think twice about using when I’m writing. I’ve always felt that it’s an easily translatable phrase, but I started to think of some English phrases/puns that I never understood until they were explained. So, I thought it wise to find out how easy or hard it is to understand today’s TiS.

[A quick example: In Scotland, The Shaun the Sheep movie/show is thought of as just a wee sheep called Shaun. It wasn’t until recently that we found out it was supposed to be a pun. I wracked my brain trying to figure it out but failed. It wasn’t until Jez explained the joke (in England, the word shorn is pronounced without the ‘r’, making it sound like Shaun) that it made sense, though the humour was lost in translation for me.]

Here’s the snippet… (unedited first draft)

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