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  • Word Count Update 21st April

    Advertisements Super quick update. I decided to try using my wee dictaphone to get my writing done today–to then run through my transcription software. BUT… I can’t dictate without seeing the words on the screen. The story was there, but the writing felt cold and clinical. The moment I saw the transcribed text (which took […]

  • Word Count Update 18th April

    Advertisements It might be Monday, but this is my Friday in my tapsalteerie (Scots word meaning topsy-turvy) world. I don’t tend to write on the last day of the week, but I’m nearing the end of Act 2B, and the shit is really starting to hit the fan! Today I added a further 1,682 words! […]

  • Word Count Update 17th April

    Advertisements 😳 Today is my first (and possibly last) +3K-word day ever! I was led to believe there was cake when this happened… Where is it? Gie’s ma cake! 🍰 🤣 Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 116,827 words.

  • Word Count Update 16th April

    Advertisements 2,777 words! I’m knackered, but I’m so happy. The story’s really starting to pick up pace, and it seems to be having a similar effect on my daily output 🤗 Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 113,822 words.

  • Word Count Update 15th April

    Advertisements Okay, wow. I hadn’t expected to get anywhere close to this number today. (That’s crazy Sunday numbers for me.) But, I did another wee bit of experimentation today. I split my writing sprints evenly between this morning and this afternoon. And like yesterday, I found myself in flow in the afternoon. I know I […]

  • Word Count Update 14th April

    Advertisements Getting started was a bit of a struggle–shiny distraction squirrels live in my phone–but after half an hour on the elliptical, I was ready. I aimed to hit somewhere between 1,000-and 1,250. But by the end of my morning sprints, I only had 951 words in the bank. So, with the knowledge gained from […]

  • Word Count Update 10th April

    Advertisements Oh, wow! I’ve actually impressed myself with today’s word count, hence the sparkly backdrop. But, it’s not without a mega-ton of pain. I went beyond what I’m physically capable of doing, and now my hand is screaming for a bucket of ice. Yet, I know if I’d stopped a thousand words earlier, I’d have […]

  • Word Count Update 9th April

    Advertisements Another pretty awesome day down the word mine! Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 104,546 words.

  • Word Count Update 8th April

    Advertisements A drama-free writing day today. Yay! Running the Asset‘s manuscript is now at 103,389 words. 🎉

  • Word Count Update 7th April

    Advertisements I hadn’t expected to have a high word count today. There was an issue outwith writing that needed my attention. Ah, the joys of writing at home 😜 So, I yoinked an extra hour of writing time this afternoon–and a flagon of coffee (what’s the volume of a flagon?). Anyway, Running the Asset‘s manuscript […]

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