Fan Of… Daily Post

I thought I’d take part in Jez’s fun Fan Of… daily post series. As a bit of a TV and movie geek, I have a fair amount of memorabilia and nick-nacks (read: toys) from my favorites.

Today, I’m going with Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. I loooove Pinkie’s insanity and contagious happiness.

pinkie pie

Editing is always a nightmare, no matter if you edit a draft or an outline–it’s just easier and faster to edit an outline. I discovered two competing plots in my DU1 outline, and now I’m teasing them apart to form two new outlines to decide which is best.🥺 #amwriting

I started work on my Stage 2 outline for Deniable Unit 1 yesterday. I hadn’t read the Stage 1 iteration for ages, thinking it was going to 100% suck… it turns out only 15% made me cringe! Lesson learned: let your writing breathe for a bit—you might surprise yourself. #amwriting

After a LOT of reading, tinkering, and question asking, my site is doing all the things I wanted it to. Syndication, twitter likes show up on posts, my subscribers don’t get EVERY update, and now I can auto-link to folks. Huge thanks to @smokey & @cheri for your help.🙏, pub-9446438291097940, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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