To get me back into posting more than just my Genre Scribes responses each week, I thought I’d take part in D65’s fun 7 Days 7 Posts challenge.

Today’s prompt is: You have just been granted three wishes. What are they?

(I’ll refrain from the usual wishing for more wishes, or winning the lottery.)


1. Have my characters come to life.

Why? I’d love to see these couples in real-life. Admittedly, as I write romantic suspense spy stories with a massive dash of enemies-to-lovers, it could get a bit dicey. But, man, it’d be fun.

2. Scottish independence

Why? I’ve had this wish ever since I can remember. I want Scotland to be a normal country where what we vote for is what we get. I want Scots (by birth or by choice) to have a say on all parts of public policy. I also really want a Scottish passport with a wee EU bit on it.

3. Speech recognition that understands the Scottish accent

Why? I’m fed up of shouting at my phone and computer. I dream of the day when I can say “Hey, Siri” just once and have her react. Or, when I’ve given up saying a word to Dragon—even though I’ve trained the damned thing on the word—that when I spell it that it doesn’t continually put in the letter “e” when I say “a.” For an idea of what it’s like, check out the clip:

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