Author Journal 7th – 13th April 2022

Before I write these journal posts, I check back over my planner to get a reminder of what I did the previous week. Turns out that what I thought had happened actually didn’t. I thought I’d remembered the week pretty well–it was my first week back after ten days off; it can’t have been that difficult of a week. Hmm. I was so, so wrong about it.

Review 31st March – 6th April 2022

Here’s what last week’s goals looked like:

  • Add 3,932 words to Running the Asset’s manuscript, taking it to 100,000 words.

Here’s How it Went…

As I mentioned above, I had to look back over the notes in my planner to really recall how work went. Wow. The week I had in my mind (happy days where the words just flowed) does not resemble reality. I think my brain blocked it out to protect my poor inner chimp from the memory of what I’d put her through.

Beneath each day’s writing goal sticker, I note how it went after I finish. Past entries have primarily included statements like, “I can’t believe I wrote so much”, etc.

Last week’s notations were all variations on the same theme, “It was like pulling teeth”, “Today was a real struggle”, and “I had to finish writing in the afternoon.” But, as I read the notes, the memories came back. The struggle, the wanting it to be over, the exhaustion. Really not how I’d remembered it.

But, if you saw my daily word count updates–I think I shared that it was tough going in those… 🤷‍♀️ –I hit some awesome-for-me word counts. On each of the four writing days, I added over 1K words. And on Sunday, I blasted by my 100K goal and took the manuscript to 101,012 words!

Even though last week was a slog, I’m ecstatic that I broke the 100K barrier. Now that I’m getting closer to the end of Act 2B, I finally get to work on one of the sequences I’ve had in my head ever since I came up with this story. And I can’t wait to start work on that tomorrow!

This Week’s Goals

  • Add 5,000 words to Running the Asset’s manuscript, taking it to 106,012.

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by, and take care.


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