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  • Taking Aim

    Taking Aim

    Advertisements I thought that it was about time to get back to the site. Instead of jumping back in with one of my regular post series–I’m still taking a break from work at the moment–I wanted to do something a wee bittie different. Even though I’m more comfortable aiming down range than I am down […]

  • Sheltering From The Rain

    Advertisements I saw this wee bee hiding from the rain under a lily petal yesterday morning and just had to grab a photo of him. This is my entry for Jez Braithwaite’s Water, Water, Everywhere challenge.

  • WWE #4: Brothock Water, Arbroath

    Advertisements Hi! Here’s my entry for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere. Brothick Water, Arbroath, Scotland.

  • Glasgow, Scotland WWE #1

    Advertisements When Jez took over the Water Water Everywhere challenge, I thought I’d give it a go. There’s nothing more I love taking photos of than bodies of water. And, as we tend to go on holidays to beaches and visit towns with lochs and ponds, I figure I’ve got a few pictures to keep […]

  • Fan Of… Daily Post #5 — Rabbids Invasion

    Advertisements For Day #5’s entry to Fan Of… I’m going with Rabbids Invasion. Before I first saw the animated show, I’d never really heard of Rabbids. I never played Rayman—I’m more of a Halo/Hitman/PGR gamer—so missed the whole thing. The first episode I caught did it for me, and I’ve been a massive fan of […]

  • Fan Of… Daily Post #4

    Advertisements I missed yesterday’s post—bogged down with site nightmares, again. So, here I am playing catchup as I’m unable to skip it. Seriously, how can I go from day 3 to day 5 and not go mental about the missing day? For this Fan Of… post, I’m going with one of my all-time favorite cars. […]

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