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Susan Tippett Braithwaite

Scottish Romantic Suspense Author, Editor, Screenwriter

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Writing and Blooming: A Sneak Peek into Researching My Next Heroine

For many, many, many months, I’ve been working on the edits for Running the Asset. Much of the work I’ve been doing lately involves research, confirming facts, and location scouting. It’s been a fun but time-consuming part of the job. Not only has it been necessary for the story’s verisimilitude, but…
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From Independence March to Media Detox: September Snippets

Way back at the start of September, I ventured into Edinburgh with my wonderful husband, Jez. We’d gone in for the march for Scottish Independence and an independent Scotland to join the EU. The plan was to post while we were there, but as ideas go, that wasn’t my best. I’ve…
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Waiting for the Off

That’s us in Johnston Terrace waiting for the crowds to arrive. Excited! #March4indyandEU
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On the Road to Edinburgh!

On our way to Edinburgh for the Believe in Scotland march. Fingers crossed 🤞 for good weather as we march for an independent Scotland in the EU.
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Taking a Walk

I’m still working on finalising Action Step 6 (the big re-do on the outline) for Running the Asset. It’s almost done, but I decided to get out for a wee walk to noodle through some plot points. So, here’s a photo from my walk. (Trying to get a bit artistic with…
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Author Journal: From Cranky Characters to Passionate Plot Points

17th August 2023 Welcome back for another Author Journal update. It’s starting to look like I’m on a roll with these; three weeks and counting! Woohoo! Life’s Wee Interruptions Last week, the plumbing issues worsened to the point that it became obvious it was a far bigger problem than we’d thought.…
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Author Journal: Navigating Writing Challenges, Unexpected Twists, and Empowering Progress

10th-16th August 2023 Hiya there! I hope this post finds you well and ready to conquer a new week. It’s time to grab your beverage of choice and get comfy while I regale you with another tale of the ups and down of my writing journey. That Time Thing There weren’t…
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Author Journal: July Progress – Revamping the Story and Embracing Revisions!

I’m thrilled to add a new Author Journal post to the site! I’m changing things up a bit for this one. Rather than looking at the past week, I will share how July went. I wanted to avoid feeling overwhelmed by sharing each week, so I decided to wait until I…
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Work/Life Balance Done Right

When I saw my last photo of July, I had to post it for Brian’s Last on the Card challenge. There’s no better motivator than a mid-workday Halo break–die Covenant scum! 🎮
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Self-Editing After Burnout

Getting restarted a year after burning out and a bit of legal/mental health shit isn’t as straightforward as I’d fantasised it would be. I’d anticipated some teething troubles in the shape of trying to force my arse into the chair and staying focused on self-editing. But, I hadn’t seen the real…
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A Return, a Revelation, and a Renewed Commitment

Do you ever write a blog post or email, delete it, then write it again, and delete it ad nauseam? If you’re anything like me with this post, you get it. I’ve been writing and rewriting this ‘return to the blog’ post for the past two months, yet I’ve never shared…
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200th Episode — Fan Of… #200 — Photos by Jez

Hi all Feel free to join in this weekly challenge whenever you find yourself thinking, “I’m a fan of…” (see below for how-to). This week’s Fan Of… is my 200th episode of my Fan Of posts . Thank you so much for all your support with comments & likes, & especially…
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Fan Of… Album Pathway

After a slightly extended break from the blog–I’ve been working away in the background–I thought I’d ease back into posting by participating in my wonderful husband, Jez’s, weekly Fan Of… challenge. Now, I’m slightly cheating here, but only slightly. We like a lot of the same things… so it’ll be no surprise…
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Author Journal 15th February 2023

Hiya 👋 Hiya! This is going to be a short but sweet update. (I’m actually on holiday for the next week and totally forgot to say so in the last post.) I was in pre-holiday brain mode for the whole of last week. Well, that’s apart from when I injured my…
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Things in Scots: Running the Asset Edition – Swatch

Hiya! Happy Friday, and welcome to the latest edition of Things in Scots. This week’s Scots word is swatch (pronounced swaah-ch). Today’s snippet is from the beginning of Act Two A of Running the Asset. Here’s the snippet… (unedited draft) “She’s two minutes behind me,” Ward said. He’d materialised beside Adam. “I…
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