Author Journal 23rd – 29th June 2022

Hiya πŸ‘‹

I had hoped to share a decent leap in my progress this week, but alas, that was not to be.

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Author Journal 16th – 22nd June 2022

Hiya πŸ‘‹

It was only a matter of time before I hit a roadblock with editing. Mainly because editing is a mammoth task, and like with any job this big, it’s inevitable to stumble along the way. And stumble I did.

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Author Journal 9th – 15th June 2022

Hiya πŸ‘‹

Last week I shared that I set up a timetable to help me focus on my edits. I also mentioned that I’d probably not stick to it. My prediction was correct, but not to the extent I’d internally feared. Yay!

The timetable I set up is a fantasy. The fact I actually stuck to it 70-ish% of the time is shocking to me. The times I did stick to it, I saw a considerable increase in my focus on the job–and a boost in my overall productivity. πŸ€“

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Author Journal 2nd – 8th June 2022


Last week taught me a couple of things. First, editing for myself requires so much more discipline than when I did it for clients 😬. And second, I need to take a serious look at my daily work schedule.

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