Author Journal: From Cranky Characters to Passionate Plot Points

17th August 2023

Welcome back for another Author Journal update. It’s starting to look like I’m on a roll with these; three weeks and counting! Woohoo!

Life’s Wee Interruptions

Last week, the plumbing issues worsened to the point that it became obvious it was a far bigger problem than we’d thought. It turns out our whole street is suffering from them. Not to worry, though, Scottish Water is on its way to deal with it. Fingers crossed it’s dealt with today 🤞

Unlike the previous week, I was able to focus on work… and boy, did I need to focus.

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Author Journal: Navigating Writing Challenges, Unexpected Twists, and Empowering Progress

10th-16th August 2023

Hiya there!

I hope this post finds you well and ready to conquer a new week. It’s time to grab your beverage of choice and get comfy while I regale you with another tale of the ups and down of my writing journey.

That Time Thing

There weren’t enough hours in the day for me last week. Time seemed to slip through my fingers, and before I knew it, I was racing against the clock to complete Action Step 6 (AS6) for Acts One and Two A of Running the Asset. You know how it goes – sometimes the days blend, and deadlines sneak up on you faster than anticipated.

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Author Journal: July Progress – Revamping the Story and Embracing Revisions!

I’m thrilled to add a new Author Journal post to the site! I’m changing things up a bit for this one. Rather than looking at the past week, I will share how July went.

I wanted to avoid feeling overwhelmed by sharing each week, so I decided to wait until I found a good balance between work and personal life before providing any updates on my progress.

I haven’t found the perfect balance yet, but it’s a damn sight better than before I had to step back for a bit. Basically, I get to play a bit of Halo on Xbox halfway through my work day 🎮😄

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Self-Editing After Burnout

Getting restarted a year after burning out and a bit of legal/mental health shit isn’t as straightforward as I’d fantasised it would be. I’d anticipated some teething troubles in the shape of trying to force my arse into the chair and staying focused on self-editing. But, I hadn’t seen the real issue that got buried under the burnout.

Mistakes Were Made

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Author Journal 15th February 2023

Hiya 👋


This is going to be a short but sweet update. (I’m actually on holiday for the next week and totally forgot to say so in the last post.)

I was in pre-holiday brain mode for the whole of last week. Well, that’s apart from when I injured my left arm on Saturday, leaving me with non-functional arms for the rest of the week. I used to transcribe my notes 😁

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Author Journal 9th – 15th February 2023

Hiya 👋

Happy Thursday! At the start of the year, I had planned to post my Author Journal updates on Mondays to align with most people’s workweek. However, Monday is the end of my workweek, and I felt rushed to get the post out before the weekend.

So, after a few weeks of trying it out, I’ve decided to return to my original posting plan on Wednesdays. And yes, I know it’s Thursday today, but I had such a great weekend that I didn’t want to cut into it by thinking about work. 😊

Picnic in the park with my awesome husband, Photos by Jez

Now, let’s take a look at how last week went.

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Author Journal 30th January – 5th February 2023

Hiya 👋

Last week was one of those weeks where I felt like I wasn’t making any real progress. I was getting work done, but it felt like wading through porridge that’s been left on the side for so long that you could set fence posts in it.

Have you ever had those weeks? I seem to get them a lot.

Anyway, last week I added my non-fiction writing goals into the mix. That could be what made things feel so slow and weird.

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Author Journal 23rd – 29th January 2023

Hiya 👋

I hope you all had a fantastic week because I certainly did! This week was one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in months, and I have yet another secret project to share with you.

Last week, I mentioned I was working on a series of blog posts about writing romantic suspense. What I didn’t say was I’m also working on a non-fiction book series to help other romantic suspense writers.

When I say “working on,” I mean I’ve mapped out an eight-book series that’s easy to digest, with each book being around 20-30K words.

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Author Journal 16th – 22nd January 2023

Hiya, everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well and had a great week. Last week was a wee bit of a mixed bag for me. I got sucked into another project and didn’t manage to meet the goals I set for myself. But you know what? I’m not too upset about it.

Introducing a New Series for Romantic Suspense Writers

That project I got sucked into? It’s a new series of blog posts on writing romantic suspense… with a side of action-adventure and spies. I’ll be sharing them with all of you starting in February. As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of the genre, and Running the Asset is firmly in it 😁. 

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