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  • Taking Aim

    Taking Aim

    Advertisements I thought that it was about time to get back to the site. Instead of jumping back in with one of my regular post series–I’m still taking a break from work at the moment–I wanted to do something a wee bittie different. Even though I’m more comfortable aiming down range than I am down […]

  • Day Trip to The Kelpies by Bike


  • Leave a Light On for Scotland

    Advertisements I don’t tend to post wholly political posts on the blog. But, today, I’m making an exception. From the moment I was born, I have been an EU citizen. That will no longer be the case as of 11PM tonight when my country, Scotland, who voted to remain, is dragged out of the EU […]

  • WWE #4: Brothock Water, Arbroath

    Advertisements Hi! Here’s my entry for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere. Brothick Water, Arbroath, Scotland.

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