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  • What I’m Reading 14th January

    What I’m Reading 14th January

    It’s Friday, and that can only mean a new reading post! Like last week, I’ve got three reads on the go: a work read, a fun read, and a me-time read. [FYI: The book links are free from affiliate codes.] The Work Read I finished last week’s work read: 7 Figure Fiction: How to Use […]

  • What I’m Reading 7th January

    What I’m Reading 7th January

    I’ve been thinking about sharing what I’m reading for a while now. Like most readers, I used to put it all into Goodreads, but since getting a Kobo, it’s not as quick as doing it on the Kindle. Plus, I’ve never really gotten into GR that much. My solution is a simple weekly post. Yip, […]

  • Gat a Shewin Machine — Got a Sewing Machine

    A wee post in Scots Ower e last twa-three month, Ah’ve been barkin an fleein oan e eBay wabstaid. Dinnae fash, Ah’m fendie an bocht athin saicant-handit. The day, Ah gat aroon tae yuisin ma new-tae-iz shewin machine. Ah goat it fur wanworth £20 plus P&P. Whit e bairgin! Noo, time tae git a wheen […]