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  • #Scotstober Day 30 #Mervaill

    #Scotstober Day 30 #Mervaill

    It’s the second last day of Scotstober! It’s been a challenge to keep up with doing the posts, getting my writing work done, and keeping up with comments and other blogs–sorry for being so lax on the last two, but I’ll be catching up in the coming days. Today’s word is mervaill. As a noun, […]

  • #Scotstober Day 29 #Skreich

    #Scotstober Day 29 #Skreich

    Today’s word, skreich, is pronounced skreech. The ‘ch’ at the end isn’t a hard k as it is in English, but the same soft, gutteral sound at the end of loch in Scots. It means screech, shriek, to yell out, a shrill cry. Here’s my response to the prompt (taken from Running The Asset): Hei […]

  • #Scotstober Day 27 #Sklent

    #Scotstober Day 27 #Sklent

    Today’s word is sklent. As a verb, it means to move at a slant, to zigzag; to slope, to slant; to aim sideways; to look sideways, to squint. As a noun, it means slanting cut, slope, sideways movement, change of direction, sidelong glance. adjective: slanting Here’s my response to the prompt (taken from Running The […]

  • #Scotstober Day 26 #Guisin

    #Scotstober Day 26 #Guisin

    Today’s word is guisin. Nowadays, it means dressing up and doing the doors at Halloween. In Scotland, the kids–and sometimes teenagers–dress up and go around all the houses and entertain you for sweets and coins. How it usually goes is once the guisers get to the door, they ask what it is you want as […]

  • #Scotstober Day 25 #Glisk

    #Scotstober Day 25 #Glisk

    Today’s word, glisk, is a beautiful one–to me, at least. It means glance, glimpse, gleam, sparkle, brief moment, trace, touch, resemblance, similarity. What I find so beautiful about it is the sound. It starts off soft, then finishes on a hard k. Almost as if it mimics the sound of a sparkle (okay, the sound […]

  • #Scotstober Day 24 #Bogle

    #Scotstober Day 24 #Bogle

    Today’s word, bogle, is a fun one. As a noun, bogle means an ugly or terrifying ghost, a phantom, a scarecrow, a bugbear, a cause of annoyance. As a verb, it means to bewitch, bamboozle, bellow or shout. Unfortunately, I haven’t written anything that has ghosts or phantoms in it since my screenwriting days, but […]

  • #Scotstober Day 23 #Skelp

    #Scotstober Day 23 #Skelp

    Today’s word, skelp, gave me a wee bit of a headache. You see, I use it a lot in daily life and when I’m writing. But, when I’m writing, I tend to use it in a very different way than I do in everyday life. I’d best give you the definition so that you can […]

  • #Scotstober Day 22 #Aye

    #Scotstober Day 22 #Aye

    You’re most likely familiar with today’s word, aye. Here’s a shocker, it doesn’t mean yes. Aye, when meaning yes is actually a misspelling. Ay is the correct spelling and aye is the plural (as in “the ayes have it,” in parliament). Now that we’ve got that cleared up, here’s what aye means. It means always, […]

  • #Scotstober Day 20 #Birl

    #Scotstober Day 20 #Birl

    Today’s word is birl. Birl means to spin, whirl, dance, whirring or rattling noise; to move fast, bustling. You may remember seeing the word birl before in earlier entries: Dreich and Stramash. Just a wee aside: A well-meaning person had informed me that I was incorrect in how I spelt the word fuck in Scots. […]

  • #Scotstober Day 18 #Stour

    #Scotstober Day 18 #Stour

    Today’s word is stour. Stour, as a noun, is a layer of dust or any fine powder; it’s also a fuss, disturbance, strife, conflict. As a verb, it means to run, rush, swirl, rise up in a cloud. And, for weather, it means storm, tempest, wild, blizzard, snowstorm. We have a ton of words in […]