What Are You Grateful For?

It’s day six of D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge, and the prompt is: What are you most grateful for in life?

Obviously, Jez. But, outwith my beloved and all his awesomeness, it’s a bit difficult to answer.

I’m grateful for different things each day. Some are fleeting; some are life-long. But those fleeting things can have a profound effect on my life as a whole. (This is why I keep a gratitude journal.)

Of all the things I’m grateful for, the biggest one has to be books. As contained within the pages of books lie worlds I’ve never been to, experiences I’d otherwise never get to have, and the ability to live someone else’s adventures.

Books also have the power to teach, heal, and be a safe haven.
(I’m also super grateful for my favourite author, Anne Stuart.😍)

Author: Susan T. Braithwaite

Royal Navy veteran from Scotland. My journey into writing started with a screenwriting certificate program at UCLA Ext. Since then, I've worked as a freelance content writer, erotica author, proofreader, professional beta reader, and content editor. I'm now working hard on my dream writing career: romantic suspense author. When I'm not writing, I can be found drinking too much coffee, obsessing over yarn, and planning world domination with my husband,, and our squirrel army.​

5 thoughts on “What Are You Grateful For?

  1. bushboy says:

    I guessed Jez was the response 🙂

    1. But of course! And books 😀

  2. Judy says:

    I’m grateful for new books by favorite authors. 🙂

  3. D65 says:

    A gratitude journal is such a good idea!

    1. It really helps to look back on it when you’re struggling to see the good in the world.

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