Word Count 6th July 2021

1707 new words added to Running The Asset‘s manuscript! Today was one of those writing days you just wish for. I was so excited to write the scene I was working on–it was the inciting incident 😁–and it all just started to flow. The novel is now sitting at a total of 6922 words. Until Friday, unless I feel compelled to sneak in a couple of writing sprints before then.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Stay safe.

Author: Susan T. Braithwaite

Royal Navy veteran from Scotland. My journey into writing started with a screenwriting certificate program at UCLA Ext. Since then, I've worked as a freelance content writer, erotica author, proofreader, professional beta reader, and content editor. I'm now working hard on my dream writing career: romantic suspense author. When I'm not writing, I can be found drinking too much coffee, obsessing over yarn, and planning world domination with my husband, jezbraithwaite.blog, and our squirrel army.​

6 thoughts on “Word Count 6th July 2021

    1. Thank you!
      I did all the developmental editing up front, so that’s a massive headache I don’t have to deal with at the end. And, the copyedit etc. is where I have fun–I used to do it professionally a couple of years back. It’s stopping the editing that’s the problem 🀣

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