What I’m Reading 18th February

It’s Friday, and I have a couple of new books to share! Even though I’m on holiday–sort of, it keeps getting moved to later in the week *sobs*–I’m sticking with just two books this time.

[FYI: The book links are free from affiliate codes.]

The Work Read

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What I’m Reading 4th February

I’m changing things up a bit this week. Instead of having three books in rotation–a work read, a fun read, and a me read–I’m going with just the two.

After several weeks, I’ve finally finished my work read Writing for Emotional Impact on Kindle. The book is chock-full of fantastic writing tips on eliciting emotion via dialogue, context, and word choice. There’s also basic writing advice on theme, scene structure and character.

With it taking me so long to read and make notes, I need a break from reading about the craft of writing–for a week, if I can last that long–so I can let what I’ve learned sink in. (That just means more time to read my other books!)

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What I’m Reading 28th January

Woohoo, it’s book day! Also, it’s book hangover time. 😩 It’s okay; give me a couple of days, and I’ll be sucked into the next one. I mentioned book hangover to my better half, Jez, the other week, and he had no clue what it meant. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a romance reader thing.

If you don’t know what it is, this meme explains it succinctly.

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What I’m Reading 21st January

It’s Friday, and this week’s reads are old ones found on my Kindle or Kobo ‘To be read’ pile or are re-reads. Again, I’ve got three great reads on the go: a work read, a fun read, and a me-time read. The me-time one…? Yeah, it’s a bit different.

[FYI: The book links are free from affiliate codes.]

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What I’m Reading 14th January

It’s Friday, and that can only mean a new reading post! Like last week, I’ve got three reads on the go: a work read, a fun read, and a me-time read.

[FYI: The book links are free from affiliate codes.]

The Work Read

I finished last week’s work read: 7 Figure Fiction: How to Use Universal Fantasy to SELL your Books to ANYONE by T. Taylor. I have to say, it was a great read full of new ways to look at stories and how to make your’s connect with readers.

Reading that book made me think of one of my old screenwriting instructors at UCLA Extension, Karl Iglesias. I bought his Writing for Emotional Impact while taking his class that semester. But it was so long ago that I can’t quite remember most of it… it was well over a decade ago 😳

I’ve only just started to read the introduction, but if the book’s anything like the class, I’m going to have one hell of a refresher–and probably pick up a lot of what I missed in those early days–on eliciting emotions from my readers.

Writing for Emotional Impact on Kindle (£4.99 )


The Fun Read

Nightfall by Anne Stuart

I did warn you all about my love for Anne Stuart. Well, I finished Rocky Road. It was a fun read, though lacking in my need for suspense, but I guessed there was little to none going in.

Now, this book has suspense in spades–going by the description. This is a re-release of a 1995 book, but Anne does a pretty good job updating her older books. Anything too dated is brought up to date so that you don’t really notice it.

The basics: Richard Tiernan, a man accused of killing his wife and two kids, is bailed out of prison by Cassidy Roarke’s writer father, a man so ambitious he’s willing to sacrifice his own daughter in the pursuit of his final Pulitzer-winning story. (👈 This is my quick wee description. Check out the preview above to get a real hint at the darkness of this novel. I’m getting giddy now!)

Nightfall on Kobo (£4.59 on Kobo)

Nightfall on Kindle (£4.59 on Kindle)

The Me-Time Read

Ahead of the Curve by Jenny Rushmore

I’m still working my way through this book. (So many diagrams, measurements, and not enough time!) if I finish it before the end of the month, I’ll be impressed.

Ahead of the Curve on Kindle (£8.96)


I’d love to hear your reading plans for the next week…

Until next time, take care, and happy reading!

What I’m Reading 7th January

I’ve been thinking about sharing what I’m reading for a while now. Like most readers, I used to put it all into Goodreads, but since getting a Kobo, it’s not as quick as doing it on the Kindle. Plus, I’ve never really gotten into GR that much.

My solution is a simple weekly post. Yip, that’s pretty much it. The links to the books don’t have affiliate codes–they may eventually if I ever bother my arse to get around to it.

I don’t know about you, but I choose a word or phrase each year that I aim for. Last year it was progress, and I have to say I did make a lot of progress with my writing. This year’s word is balance, mainly because I went a wee bit doolally with forcing progress to the point it messed with my health.

So, my starting books of the year represent the kind of balance I’m aiming for. Work, fun, and me-time.

The Work Read

7 Figure Fiction: How to Use Universal Fantasy to SELL your Books to ANYONE by T. Taylor.

I’m 69% of the way through this book, and I have to say that I’m learning a lot and having fun at the same time. Theodora is an energetic and enthusiastic writer, and it’s hard not to get pulled into her happy vibe.

Universal Fantasy isn’t so much about tropes–enemies to lovers is a trope, one I LOVE–as it is about human drives and secret desires (that’s my understanding of it). Hmm. This is why it takes a book to get the point across. The Universal Fantasy of my Deniable Unit Series is all about deadly justice. The untouchable bad guys finally getting their comeuppance.

This is a book I will keep close at hand as I outline, write, and market my books.

7 Figure Fiction on Kobo (£4.99 on Kobo)

7 Figure Fiction on Kindle (£3.99 on Kindle)


The Fun Read

Rocky Road by Anne Stuart

I think this is one of Anne Stuart’s old books from the nineties. I don’t care how old it is; I don’t care if the references are outdated; I don’t even care if it isn’t romantic suspense. It’s an enemies-to-lovers written by my favourite author, making it a one-click buy for me.

WARNING: I’m going to be totally upfront here; throughout this What I’m Reading series, you will see Anne Stuart’s name repeatedly. I’ve yet to find another author who comes close to her skills. She is just that good.

Rocky Road on Kobo (£3.49 on Kobo)

Rocky Road on Kindle (£3.49 on Kindle)

The Me-Time Read

Ahead of the Curve by Jenny Rushmore

I’ve been playing with the sewing machine (we call him Brandon) for a wee while on and off. And, with the severe lack of clothing choice that lasts more than a blink, I want to make my own clothes. Clothes that I actually like and that fit me. The shoulders on my tops are three sizes too big, the hips too small, the chest is the only area that fits.


That’s where this gem of a book comes in. There’s so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know about clothes making. Oh, gods, and the mental gymnastics involved. But this book is making what seems like the inside of Sheldon Cooper’s mind a lot easier to understand.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to make a pattern work for your body–no matter your size–I think this book will come in handy. Plus, there are five free pdf patterns to download!

Ahead of the Curve on Kindle (£8.96)

I’d love to hear what your reading plans are for the next week…

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