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  • #Scotstober Day 3 #Nicht

    #Scotstober Day 3 #Nicht

    Today’s word is nicht. It means night. I was a wee bit short of time today and ended up stealing from Running The Asset‘s first draft. Anyway, here’s my response to the prompt: “Five meenits intae the op an she ort the script. She’s nae got ony upbring tae dae whit she did the nicht. […]

  • #Scotstober Day 2 #Seelie

    #Scotstober Day 2 #Seelie

    Today’s word is seelie. It means happy, lucky, blessed. And, here’s my response to the prompt: “Dae ye huv tae staun sae close?” Evie skelt awa fae Cole, the eesome bastirt. Cole wis gowlie. “Jist mak on thit ye dinnae wint tae fell me. Hit’s nae at defeeckwalt,” he luikit it hir, “A’m daen hit […]

  • It’s #Scotstober

    It’s #Scotstober

    Back in 2019, I started a series of posts called Thing in Scots. The series has languished for a while, and I’ve been wanting to get it up and running again. Cue Scotstober. Scotstober is a challenge on Twitter where there’s a Scots word prompt for each day of October. You can follow it by […]

  • Reblog: Silent Sunday July 18

    Can’t wait to get back out on the bikes with Jez and see this view again. Forth & Clyde Canal Source: Silent Sunday July 18

  • Fan Of… My Husband

    Fan Of… My Husband

    My husband, Jez, runs a weekly Fan Of… challenge. It’s less of a challenge and more of a way to share what you’re passionate about. Well, as it’s our eighteenth wedding anniversary this week (and twenty-fourth together yesterday), and as a romance writer and lover, I’m allowed to get sappy once in a while, and […]

  • Day Trip to The Kelpies by Bike

    Day Trip to The Kelpies by Bike
  • KonMari equals AWOL

    KonMari equals AWOL

    It’s October and I should have been back in the word mines for a week or so by now. But, I’m not. After my week off at the end of August it seemed pointless getting back to work only to have another week off for my birthday—sounds like a lot of off time, but I […]

  • Working the Asset — Update 20th August

    Working the Asset — Update 20th August

    I love update post day! It means that I’ve made progress on my WIP, and that I’m ever closer to my goal of releasing Working the Asset. Since the last update (ten days ago), I’ve completed Pass #5 — four days ahead of schedule 😃🥳 — and have made a start on Pass #6. In […]

  • Working the Asset — Update 10th August

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I did an update post for Working the Asset. Since the last update, I’ve blasted through Pass #4, the aim of which is to deepen audience delight with genre sequences, dramatic irony, and making sure that the story escalates well. I’m now working on Pass #5. This pass […]

  • Hi all! Our internet went on a major go slow, like slow-slow. I spent the better part of today getting it back up to speed, and thankfully it’s running smoothly now. Yay! On the non-yay front, I’ve run out of time in my workday and haven’t had the time to work on this week’s Genre […]