Things in Scots #11: Tapsalteerie

Welcome to day eleven of Things in Scots!—a fun collaboration with my husband, Jez (Mind an gie Jez’s post a keek.)

It’s December, and there’s a whole host of winter celebrations on the calendar. There are parties to prepare for, gifts to get, and people to wrangle. And, if you are celebrating one of the many holidays, this word could be used to describe the lead-up.

Today’s Things in Scots is: Tapsalteerie.

Tapsalteerie means upside-down, chaotic, confused, muddled, topsy-turvy, higgledy-piddledy.

Och, naw! Hur alane fur five meenites? E hail hoose wid bey tapsalteerie afore ye kent it.

Oh, no! Her alone for five minutes? The whole house will be upside-down before you know it.

If you want to ken the Scots for anything, just ask in the comments section.

Thenks fur stoapin by, and hae a wunnerfu day.

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