Genre Scribes #47 — Title

Welcome to #47 of the Friday Fiction Writing Challenge! Here’s a complete list of all the posts so far. Feel free to join in.

Guess what? It’s Genre Scribes’s 1st anniversary! Fifty-two weeks ago today, I gathered up all my courage and posted my first response of the challenge.

I started Genre Scribes as a way to show potential readers my style, and to force myself to post regularly and consistently—I’ve had multiple blogs over the last fifteen years and never got beyond ten posts on any of them.

Over the weeks, other writers have joined in and graciously shared their work. One of the challenge’s unforseen benefits has been to introduce me to Chris Hall, a wonderful writer whose responses to each prompt are magickal. So, when you’ve finished reading this post, go have a read of Alys and Sparky’s adventures over on luna’s on line.

I don’t think I’d have managed to keep the momentum going if I hadn’t found Amy and Kelvin. Their story has captured me to the point that I can’t stop until I hit THE END.

With that in mind, let’s get back to Amy and Kelvin.

This week’s random word is: Title

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Author Journal 17th – 23rd June 2021

Last week was a belter of a week! Yip, the days did wheech by, but so did the work. Here’s a look at how it went.

Review 10th to 16th June 2021

My Writing Goals for Last Week

  • Complete Editorial Pass for Character (6/7) from Sparking Story Drafts by H. R. D’Costa
    • Action Step (AS) 38b
    • AS 38c
    • AS 38d
  • Start Final Editorial Pass for Odds and Ends (7/7)
    • AS 39a (the aim was to get the first half of the task done)

Did I Achieve My Goals?

Yes! Not only did I achieve the goals I’d set out, but I completed AS 39a and AS 39b 🥳. I even made a start on AS 40, but it’s going to need another day or two to get it all done. (There are charts, calendars, local information, and weather data for Marseilles to put onto the index card outline and my editing/research notes.)

As of this post, I’m currently at this point in the final pass:

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Author Journal 10th – 16th June 2021

Ever since last week’s startling revelation of the obvious—that Thursday is my Monday—my time has been a lot less hectic. Actually, all the hecticness has reduced massively. I realise now that the hectic feeling is just that, a feeling.

It comes down to how I’d framed things—mindset if you will. I set out with Monday to Sunday as my set week, even though that hasn’t reflected my reality for some time now, and that caused me to chase my tail constantly. Now that I’ve reframed my week, it’s like I have a wee bit more time to work, to go out to play on the bikes, to unwind.

With that, here’s the week in review.

Review 3rd to 9th June 2021

My Writing Goals for Last Week

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Author Journal 3rd – 9th June 2021

Last week was hectic. So hectic that by the time I got around to posting my journal, it was already too late—like Friday late—and I decided to skip posting it.

It’s not that I had a lot of unexpected things pop up. Nope. I knew about them. I just hadn’t set time aside for them in my planning. Well, that’s what I thought until the same issue occurred this week.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realised why I’ve been so short of time the last couple of weeks, and the weeks before my holiday time. The time-culprit is so obvious that I can’t believe I missed it. My schedule changed. Monday hasn’t been the first day of my week for a while now. Yet, I’ve been planning everything around it being that way.

The first day of my week is actually a Thursday which explains the major “noh” feeling I get on a Monday—my Friday. Therefore, I’ve decided to post my journal on Thursday from now on.

With that cleared up, here’s how last week went.

Review 27th May – 2nd June 2021

My Writing Goals for Last Week

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Fan Of… My Husband

My husband, Jez, runs a weekly Fan Of… challenge. It’s less of a challenge and more of a way to share what you’re passionate about. Well, as it’s our eighteenth wedding anniversary this week (and twenty-fourth together yesterday), and as a romance writer and lover, I’m allowed to get sappy once in a while, and I thought it was pretty perfect timing to do a Fan Of…post.

My Top Ten Reasons For Why I’m A Huge Fan Of… My Husband

  1. His highbrow sense of humour.
  2. His creativity.
  3. His kindness in sharing custody of the only functioning brain cell between us.
  4. His passion for and his dedication to his photography blog is inspiring.
  5. His adorable and zany inner chimp, Godfrey, is a perfect match for my own inner chimp, Neenee.
  6. His love of nature and history.
  7. His inner strength.
  8. His unwavering support, even when I let doubt creep in.
  9. His skill in cheating at Scrabble just by saying, “it’s part of a boat,” with an impish grin.
  10. His smile. Seriously, how am I supposed to resist that?

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! 😍

If you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m a huge fan of…” Why not share it with your blog readers and the Fan Of… community. Posts are on Mondays; check out Jez’s latest post for more information on how to join in.

Thanks for reading.

Author Journal 10th – 16th May 2021

I’m a couple of days late on putting up this post. I only have myself to blame. The lure of my first long bike ride in over a decade was too much for me to fend off.

Now that I’ve had a wee bit of time to recuperate (tender bahookie), here’s this week’s entry.

Review 3rd – 9th May 2021

My Writing Goals for Last Week

Did I Achieve My Goal?

Yes and no.

No, I didn’t make all the changes as planned. Yes, I did enough that I’m now ready to move on.


While making all the changes, I started to get this nagging feeling like I was wasting time trying to get all the cards just right. Every part of me was itching to get back to the real pre-editing I was doing last year—wow, I can’t believe how easy it was for other things to take over.

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Author Journal 3rd – 9th May 2021

I can’t believe we’re into May already! Last week just wheeched by, and I’m still trying to get my head back round the right way.

As you’ll see below, I’m still working on making plot, motivation, stakes, and character changes to my stack of index cards for Working The Asset. In my fantasy version of pre-editing, it was going to be so quick and easy to make all these changes. But it’s not. It’s slow and laborious. Though, not as bad as doing it after writing 80K words.

The pre-edits are helping me craft a pretty incredible story (well, the kind of story I love to read, anyway), and I’ve had to remind myself often that I’m learning a new method and that it will get faster with each book.

If it wasn’t clear from the above paragraphs, last week did not go as planned. But, the story is growing into something that genuinely excites me. Something I know will be worth the hard slog. Something I can’t wait to share with other romantic suspense/action-adventure romance fans.

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Author Journal 26th April – 2nd May 2021

Since I took last week off to refill my creative well, I obviously have no work goals—other than the well refilling—to review. I fantasised that this would be a quick two-paragraph entry, but here’s the thing with giving yourself permission to chill, your mind miraculously clears. And, with that clearing, you learn some things about how a well-oiled machine of creativity can groan under the pressure of hyper-productivity and eventually seize up.

What I Learned When I Allowed Myself To Breathe

The things I learned seem so damned obvious now, but I couldn’t see the problems in the depths of non-stop work—the problems that I had created. 🙄

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Refilling the Creative Well

In my last post, I’d mentioned that I’d be spending the rest of the week refilling my creative well. One of the things that do it for me is fun music videos.

Now, don’t go thinking I like pop. I don’t. I can’t stand it. I love metal, rock, and some folk-rock. Never pop. But… J-pop group WORLD ORDER is a different matter. These guys make me smile and laugh and have the ability to turn a not so great day into a smiler.

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Author Journal 19th – 25th April 2021

This last week was so different from my norm of the previous few months. I could get down on myself, or I can use it as a learning experience that I’ll take with me into my next holiday time (in about three weeks from now 🥳)

Review 12th to 18th April 2021

My writing goals for last week were:

How Did It Go?

Uhh, it didn’t really go. I got around 25% of the work done, and that was like pulling teeth.

Well, after my mandatory level of caffeine intake, I sat myself down like I usually do: herbal tea, some Ludovico Einaudi, my notes, and two stacks of index cards … but my normal work vibe was missing. I couldn’t focus on the job and struggled to get just one scene done on Monday.

On Thursday, Ludovico went from calming to fudging irritating and was promptly replaced by silence. I managed to clean up and change eleven card sides (two scenes), boiling them down to just four. I was finally starting to feel the work vibe coming back.

Or so I thought.

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