Things in Scots #12: Muin

Welcome to day twelve of Things in Scots!—a fun collaboration with my husband, Jez (Mind an gie Jez’s post a keek.)

It’s another wet day here in Glasgow. And, the forecast is for more of the same until the early hours. Which means I might miss seeing the last full moon of 2019. Though, I’ve got my fingers crossed as we’re on day two of its three-day cycle before it begins to wane. With that in mind…

Today’s word in Scots is: Muin.

Muin (pronounced min, or meen in the North-East) means moon. It also means a very long time. And, in the South, it means a month and a goldcrest bird.

Here’s an example of muin in use:

The muin’s affa bonnie the nicht.

In Inglis: The moon’s very pretty tonight.

If you want to ken the Scots for anything, just ask in the comments section.

Thenks fur stoapin by, and hae a wunnerfu day.

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4 thoughts on “Things in Scots #12: Muin

  1. ddykstal: @SusanB Is the spelling you are using is “standard” Scots or is it phonetic? via

  2. bushboy says:

    I love our Muin as I am a child of the Muin

  3. SusanB: @ddykstal I’m using the Standard Scots spellings as found in The Dictionar o the Scots Leid Some of the spellings have remained unchanged from the 1100s—I’m a bit of a geek for this 🤓 via

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