Chasing Dreams

It’s the final day of D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge. I want to say a quick thank you to her for sharing her challenge with us. It’s been fun getting back into daily posting, and it’s been this challenge that’s pushed me to get the posts out.

Here’s today’s prompt: Write about something that you have always dreamed about doing and why you haven’t done it (yet).

I’m a wee bit of a goal chaser (sometimes it’s a good thing, other times eh, nope). Which makes this post difficult to answer. Any dream I’ve had, I’ve worked to get it/do it/see it. (Lifelong dream of standing on Santa Monica Pier: check; drive a Mustang: check; become a marksman: check; fly a glider: check—you get the idea.) And, my new dreams are goals that I’m in the process of working toward.

Santa Monica Pier by Susan T Braithwaite
First time at Santa Monica Pier! (I still blame Saved by the Bell for that dream)

If I duck outwith reality, I have a boatload of dreams that I haven’t achieved, either because they’re illegal or the tech isn’t here, yet. (😺):

  • Be a house cat for one week—I’d just have fun knocking things off tables and shelves. Oh, and I’d meow way more than I do now.
  • Be a much-loved dog for a day—I don’t know if I could handle more than that, ’cause of the tail chasing.
  • Rob a bank—without violence, more of a con job.
  • Bill and Ted it around time and space.
  • Sit at my desk and download the novels in my head straight to my computer, and have them be coherent.

Thanks for reading!

Santa Monica Pier photo credit: Me.

Email to a Friend

I’m going to deviate a bit from D65’s prompt for Day 5 of her 7 Posts 7 Days.
The prompt is: Write a letter to someone explaining your life right now.

It’s an excellent prompt, but I don’t have anyone I feel I need to explain my life to. Also, if it’s pertinent in my life right now, it’s on my Now page—no reason to repeat myself.

So, here’s the deviation bit. I’m going to have one of my characters write the letter (it’s an email, ‘cause he doesn’t do snail-mail).

The character is Ward Mitchell, the hero from my second Deniable Unit series. He’s responding to an email from his childhood (and former Army) buddy, Laughlin.

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The Book that Changed My Thinking

Today’s prompt from D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge is: A book/film that has changed the way that you think.

I have to say, that’s a tough one to answer. Before books and movies, my first love was music. A band called James really shaped my thinking about life, love, and politics. One song that really struck a chord with me was Government Walls. As a kid who grew up in Scotland while Thatcher used us as guinea pigs for her cruel policies, this song really upped my scrutiny of those in power.

Back to books and movies

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A Day I'll Never Forget

Woohoo! It’s day three of D65’s 7 Posts 7 Days challenge. I apologize in advance, this is a bit longer than my usual posts.

Today’s prompt is: Write about a day that you will never forget.

I had a few ideas for this post but realized I only had one that was a whole day that I’d never forget. You’re going to have to indulge me on this one. It’s romantic in nature, well, romantic in my world.

The day I’ll never forget is the first day that Jez and I spent any real time together.

If I’d had my way, I would never have been there. Why? Well, let me take you back to the late ‘90s…

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Things I'm Psyched About for 2020

It’s day two of D65’s 7 Days 7 Posts challenge. Today’s prompt is: What are you looking forward to most this year?

When I first sat down to write this, I tried to settle on the one thing that I’m looking forward to the most. I tried, and I failed. So, here’s what I came up with.


Jez’s birthday

I know it’s weird to be looking forward to someone else’s birthday, but I have good reason. Last year, Jez landed in hospital on his birthday with a collapsed lung (the pancake variety) and was there for five days.

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Three Wishes

To get me back into posting more than just my Genre Scribes responses each week, I thought I’d take part in D65’s fun 7 Days 7 Posts challenge.

Today’s prompt is: You have just been granted three wishes. What are they?

(I’ll refrain from the usual wishing for more wishes, or winning the lottery.)

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