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Today is a special day for me and my beloved, Jez. It’s our 25th-year together-versary (totally a word)–and tomorrow is our 19th wedding anniversary.

I’d had today’s word down for a TiS: Running the Asset post, but I kept thinking about Jez’s site each time I sat down to write the post. So, what better day to do it than today?

Today’s word, photie, (pronounced phoatee) means photograph. So, in Scots, Jez’s site Photos by Jez is Photies bi Jez.

Here are some photies

Photies Part II

With it being our together-versary and a Monday, the signs couldn’t be clearer: do a twofer post! On Mondays, Jez hosts a challenge where he invites readers to share what they’re passionate about on their blogs. It’s a super simple challenge. Just create a new post featuring photies of what you love (items, hobbies, people, places…), tag and/or title your post Fan Of… and link it back to his post for that week.

I’m a Fan Of… Photos by Jez (In Scots and English)

A’m a muckle fan o oor yin’s wabstaid, Photies bi Jez. Heez wabstaid is fu o affa braw photies o flooers, beasties, an bonnie vizzies o the kintry-side. Hae a wee keek an gie him a follae.

Translation: I’m a big fan of my husband’s website, Photos by Jez. His site is full of stunning photographs of flowers, animals, and beautiful views of the countryside. Have a look and give him a follow.

If you want to see more Scots posts, check out Things in Scots: Running the Asset Edition and the original series, Things in Scots.

Thanks for reading. Take care, and I hope to see you soon for more Scots on Fiction Friday!

Featured image photos ©Jez Braithwaite

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  1. Oh wow, twa braw anniversaries!!
    Congratulations tae the beth o youse!
    An youse are sic a luesome couple. A tot wad lik tae git tae ken youse gin A wad see youse oot an aboot.

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