Things in Scots — History

If you’ve just stumbled upon Things in Scots and want a handy list of all the post, and in order. Well, here you go.

Here are all the links to my posts and those of my partner-in-crime–and hubby–Jez Braithwaite.

Day 1: Susan’s Coorie — Jez’s Rimie Moose Wab

Day 2: Susan’s Skite — Jez’s Puddoch Stuil

Day 3: Susan’s Wheesht — Jez’s Flooer

Day 4: Susan’s Oxter — Jez’s Gum-Flooer

Day 5: Susan’s Days o e Wick — Jez’s Pig

Day 6: Susan’s Months — Jez’s Rimie Jennie Nettle

Day 7: Susan’s Stookie — Jez’s Dog-Hip

Day 8: Susan’s Nummers — Jez’s Breer

Day 9: Susan’s Swither — Jez’s Buckie-Breer

Day 10: Susan’s Maukit — Jez’s Dainty-Lion

Day 11: Susan’s Tapsalteerie — Jez’s Gowan

Day 12: Susan’s Muin — Jez’s Brammel

Day 13: Susan’s Cleuk — Jez’s Bink

Day 14: Susan’s Outwith — Jez’s Eeshogel

Day 15: Susan’s Laldie — Jez’s Whuskie


Day 16: Susan’s Fooshtie — Jez’s Harebell

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